Sewing – Make Your Own Clothes – Learn to Sew – Part 2 – Cutting Out

If you have downloaded your first pattern You’re ready for the next stage – Cutting Out This video shows you how to lay out your pattern
and cut your fabric I have cut a pattern to half scale
just to show you how to lay out the pieces I have also cut a piece of denim fabric
to the same scale This particular denim is 54” wide
which is roughly 140cm Everyone loves denim. This one is a bit special It has 3% Lycra which really hugs the figure This is the length wise grain of the fabric and this is the cross wise grain The edge of the fabric is called the selvedge It doesn’t fray and it can be used for trimming For the majority of layouts you fold the fabric in half with the right side to the inside My Pinafore Dress Pattern
consists of a skirt and a separate bodice The centre front o f the skirt and the bodice have to be placed on a fold There is a seam down the centre back
with an invisible zip that comes to about here and that just leaves the pockets which are optional All we have to do now is just pin the pattern to the fabric I like to us a pin cushion to keep my pins tidy Don’t use a magnet I’ve always found you pick up ten at a time
once they’re magnetised Pin each piece all the way round
keeping the pattern nice and flat Make sure you leave enough space in between the
pieces for your seam allowance and for the hem Before pinning each piece down
just check that it’s aligned along the straight grain Use a tape measure or a ruler to check that the grain line is parallel
with either the selvedge edge or the folded edge Before you do any cutting out, make sure
that you’ve left enough room for the seam allowances and for the hem I always try to cut with economy in mind
I don’t like to waste fabric If I’m going to have bits left over
I’d rather they were large bits which I can use for a new project So it is often better to fold the fabric differently This layout leaves you with two thin strips
that you can’t do anything with Instead of folding your fabric in half
fold it just enough to get your pattern pieces on At least then you have a nice wide strip
that you can use as a waist band or cut some pockets
or even cover some buttons But make sure that your fold is parallel to the selvedge so that everything is still on the straight grain A few words about equipment
You don’t need very much Just a decent tape measure Some pins Chalk is good This is a clever gadget for keeping your chalk sharp A gauge like this one is useful It helps you with all the little measurements
that seem so common when you’re dressmaking A pair of cutting out scissors
Keep them just for fabric Paper is inclined to blunt them Let’s start cutting out for real Don’t forget to mark your hem
before you cut out your skirt pieces Err on the side of long
You can always cut it shorter To start with
you might want to measure your seam allowances The standard is ⅝”
You can always add a bit more for fitting But it won’t be long before
you can just cut it by eye Double check everything before you start cutting It really is that easy to get your pattern cut out You don’t need to follow a plan Fit the pieces on the fabric how you like You may decide to use a contrast fabric
for the skirt and bodice That way you can use up remnants Or perhaps some contrasting pockets What ever you do will be totally original True Couture! Next we need to transfer the markings
from pattern to fabric Look out for my next two videos which will show you the best methods Join as a Member of All Patterns, eBooks and Videos included Sewing Patterns in size 6-22