Sewing Jeans Part 5, Sewing the Front Pockets

Sewing Authentic Jeans Part 5 Sewing Jeans – Sewing the Front Pockets Members can download Sewing Patterns from
my site Check out the details below So we are ready for the next stage, the front pockets Here are the pieces we will need The striped cotton pocket bag the pocket side front This is the piece that you see above the pocket and the pocket facing This is the inside of the pocket or the front
pocket bag So, first we attach the pocket facing to the fronts They should be a perfect match We need to pin them in place I prefer to do this from the other side as I can keep an eye on my stay-stitching
line The seam is pinned We are going to sew just inside the stay-stitching
line We will clip this edge to make it lie flat
when we turn it in and finish with the topstitching That’s stitched I’m not going to trim this seam line as it
will give body to the edge and it needs to accommodate the two rows of
topstitching But I shall clip so that it lies flat Now we want to turn the pocket facing to the
inside making sure that the seam is pushed out So with some steam get a good shape with the point of the iron Encourage the seam to fall to the inside of
the pocket if you can It is worth taking your time here The pockets are on show and you want them
to be balanced So accurate stitching will pay off Pockets are an important feature of the jeans
pattern When you make your next pair try varying the shape Maybe make them straight rather than curved Or starting more towards the side seam and ending lower on the hip Small variations like this will make your
clothes totally unique Put in a few pins to hold the pieces together
for topstitching Right, two rows of topstitching Don’t worry if it is not too even, just think
rugged and press as you go Put this to one side so that we can deal with
the rest of the pocket I am going to trim off the seam allowance
on this piece I shall just show you how this fits together We will stitch the pieces together like this We don’t need the seam allowance here So we will baste the edges in place and we are going to zigzag across this seam
line This forms the underneath of the pocket You’ll notice that the notches line up So pin in position ready for stitching So this is going to be basted and this is
going to be machined Right, that’s done We will just give that a quick press The iron is a very important tool You will notice that I use it at every stage When I am not sitting at my machine I usually work at the ironing table Ironing as you go applies to all your garments When you take the last stitch your garment will look finished rather than
a pile of stitched together fabrics A light press at the end is all that will
be needed We are now going to join the pocket pieces
together Be sure to line up the notches carefully This is important here as the pocket forms
part of the trouser front If you get this one wrong, it will affect
the length of the side seam If we have cut accurately, the edges will
match We are going to stitch the lower edge of the
pocket bag keeping it free from the jeans front So, pin around the lower edge This edge is then stitched and neatened So, we have stitched and neatened the pocket
edge Trim off any threads – they will be secured
in the seams later Another quick press If you miss pressing at each stage it makes it harder to get at once construction has moved on We now need to stitch the side and the top
layers together to keep the pocket in position Pin through all layers We will be stitching just inside the seam
allowance So stitch here and here, in order to keep
the pocket firmly in place until we are ready to attach the waistband
and stitch the side seams Nice looking pockets The front pockets are completed and the jeans
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