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very excited to be talking about a new
line of sewing patterns for kids to help them learn how to sew welcome to the Sewing Report I’m Jennifer
Moore helping you discover your love of sewing crafts and DIY projects we’re
talking about a new line of patterns from Simplicity teaming up with this
company called the Handwork Studio and they’re meant for kids to help them
learn how to sew they are a couple beginner patterns there are two and
intermediate patterns so let’s talk about them and I will tell you all about
the handwork studio so someone from the company actually reached out and asked
if I wanted to talk about these try them out so I’m gonna be doing that
while I’m not exactly their target demo I am good at testing out sewing patterns
so I’m gonna be doing that later on in the video but the handwork studio is
this company they’ve been in business for quite a few years and they operate
sewing classes and camps for kids for sewing and needlework and helping kids
to make things which i think is awesome and I think that’s something that our
sewing community really needs to be doing is outreach helping young people
helping non sellers discover sewing because it’s so much fun on the envelope
it says be inspired sew it yourself learn with the handwork studio method
what I like is everything that’s included in these patterns not only are
those step-by-step instructions but it comes with sewing practice sheets to
help you sew straight lines to help you sew curvy lines a how to thread a sewing
machine poster and also access to free online YouTube videos and I did check
out the videos these videos are really good quality videos they walk you
literally through step by step what you need to do to make the pattern I
actually watched the one for the comfy pants pattern just to get a feel for
what it was like and it features an adult sewing instructor sewing with a
child which again if these are meant for kids I think that’s good that they
incorporated a real kid into the videos to show it kind of makes them more
relatable and it it kind of shows hey if you’re a kids sewing this is this is
actually another kid sewing to sew the patterns are the fluffy stuffy this is a
really you like pillow that looks like a cat
there’s also a very basic hand bag pattern called the rummy bag there is a
skirt pattern the Roxy skirt and there’s also a pair of like pj pants called the
comfy pants I’m actually gonna try to make the comfy pants I think I can
probably fit into the extra-large size if I make the waistband a little bit
bigger I’m gonna go ahead and open one of these up to show you what comes in
the pattern envelope all right so here’s the pattern tissue and I like this if
the lines are very easy to follow and let’s see I wonder if all the sizes are
separate or okay it does look like this is actually very convenient all of the
sizes are separate on the tissue pattern so you don’t have to worry about like if
you cut out an extra small you can’t use the large size or the extra-large size
there’s literally only one pattern piece so it makes it easy you cut it on the
fold in there too and it also comes with the instructions and I watched this
video and the video was was solid this is something I really like about this
pattern is that all of the sizes are separate tissue pieces and there’s only
literally one pattern piece you just cut it on the fold and then cut two of them
and here are the practice sheets I’ll show you those I love that they give you
practice exercises so that your kids can try these out before sewing the actual
project just to get comfortable at the sewing machine there is a sewing machine
guide showing you all the different parts that’s pretty neat kids are all
about YouTube and online video instructions so I think that’s great
that they offer that for free in addition to just the pattern
instructions but this pattern looks really simple I’m actually gonna try to
make this one and you’ll see how this turns out clearly add a lot of fun trying out that
comfy pants pattern I might try the Roxy skirt next well to see and believe me if
I can do it so can you this is that my review of the simplicity
sewing patterns for kids in conjunction with the handwork studio if you enjoyed
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