Sewing for Beginners, Sew a Shirt, Collars & Cuffs Part 3

How to sew a classic shirt Sewing for Beginners Sewing Tutorials supported by Membership Sewing Pattern Sales and Fan Funding Part 3, How to Cut Out the Shirt Collar Pieces In this video I will also show you how to interface the collar and collar band Next we will cut out the interfacing for the collar and collar band You don’t need to leave the space for the seam allowance and we are going to use these pieces as pattern pieces for cutting out the fabric Although I’m cutting out two for each collar piece I haven’t decided whether to use one or two The collar may be too stiff – one layer may be better Transfer the markings I’m using pencil as it’s nice and clear and quick but if the fabric was sheer or white I would use tailor’s tacks I could use chalk or trace them Turn over and mark the other side These pieces will be ironed on to the wrong side
of the silk fabric that we have left Then, these remaining small pieces will be cut out With iron on interfacing I find this is the best method It’s easier than having to accurately place the already cut out interfacing onto the more fiddly garment pieces I think that is just about everything marked This is the layout if it was cut from a single layer There is plenty of room for collar and cuffs Press the interfacing in place with a dry iron not too hot but enough to bond Always test the iron-on interfacing with your fabric If it alters the appearance, it is best to use sew-in interfacing In which case you cut it separately with seam allowance baste to your fabric pieces and trim the excess after machine stitching The pieces are pretty well bonded Follow the manufacturer’s instructions about heat settings but you will soon learn from experience Cut out carefully You need to be accurate, especially with the collar and collar band as it will be noticed if they are not symmetrical Measure and draw in the seam allowance if you are unsure That’s all the cutting out done We are now ready to start making our classic silk shirt Sew up the main body of the shirt is the topic of the next video This easy PDF Shirt Pattern can be purchased from my site and of course it is one of the many Sewing Patterns included with Membership Join for everything or shop for individual patterns For news of up and coming videos please subscribe to our Channel Thank you very much for watching