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Everyone this is wendy. I hope you’re well today is a video all about sewing for beginners. I should coffee Mmm, all right, I’m gonna go over a couple of basics that have been highly requested It’s all about getting guys started on sewing because I know it can [be] super overwhelming I’ve tried my best to put together Some tips to get you going here are the four things that I’m going to cover one a sewing machine Review – how to shop for a sewing machine 3 the beginner sewing supplies that you’ll need and for some of my videos that will Get you [started] on how to sell there is lots to cover. So please keep watching first We’re going to talk about this sewing machine [or] view so this guy [right] here My friend is a brother Cp 7500 there’s two types of sewing machines out there computerized or mechanical this guy is computerized therefore it has this LCD screen It’s got over a hundred ten stitch functions. [I] came with a hardcover it came with an extendable table, okay? I’ll get those things [oh] this is the [hardcover] that it came with not that I use it much because like I’m sewing all the time, but here it is the hardcover and the extendable table which I guess also you can tell that I don’t use very much since I Had to go hunting for it [left]. Oh great legs legs [alright]. Oh The benefit of a sewing the table is that it can make your space way bigger? It’s super helpful for quilting and really large scale projects But normally I just have this little guy on there or you can have it completely removed And then you have the smallest possible Table that would be helpful for sleeves and other parts that are small this sewing machine also comes with feet which is the little guy down here Pop it out this one’s the zipper foot that I have in but it also has the standard foot of course and a quilting foot I’ve never put this back on from behind that’s not right [wow], did it there’s a couple of features that make this a lot faster [to] use – it’s got automatic needle threading It’s got this guy here to help you spread your needle in very small ways all of these combined to make it so much [easier] to sew quickly, and it’s very Reliable I have never had a spaz out because of this machine. Which is great overall and really really happy with this machine I’ve had it for three years, but it cost [$350] so I’m completely aware that this is not in [the] budget range for all people therefore [I] have done some [internet] research and found a really well-priced beginner machine that is Highly rated across a lot of different platforms people always ask me what sewing machine do I recommend? Honestly, there’s a ton [that] you could use so I feel about highlighting Just one because really very many machines out there are totally acceptable but just to give you a place to start because it’s helpful to have something [definitive] one that I recommend is the Singer 4423 it’s highly rated and instead of being $350. It’s $150 it’s mechanical. It’s got a really strong frame it has 23 built in stitches It has a clear cover and it has Automatic needle threading And those kind of features [that] make [it] faster [to] use I’ve included a link in the description if you want to check out that Sewing machine or my machine and from there you can do your price comparisons and see what’s best for you And that brings us to tips on shopping for a sewing machine like I said with the singer machine at the beginner machine It’s highly recommended, and it’s $150 so for shopping for beginners You can definitely definitely definitely get a great machine between 100 to 200 dollars and really what you need it to do is so Simple and this is what I mean when [I] say there are a lot of sewing machines out there that make the cut one check That it can do straight stitch zigzag stitch and backward stitch those are the three? Stitches that you would use the most on the machine for those three It’s best if you can adjust the stitch length as well as the stitch width But most machines allow you to do that The next good thing you want to look for is that it’s easy to use so things like Automatic needle threading and different tools that has to help you load things faster it’s just going to make your life easier the third thing that I look for is that it has to have a certain [amount] of weight unlike most electronics cameras the Lighter the better with sewing machines It’s actually not the lighter the better cheap light machines They don’t have the weight to kind of hold still while you’re sewing and this might not matter if you’re sewing really lightweight things But as soon as you get into pants jackets curtains you need a machine that’s going to be heavy enough to stay still while you’re Doing the sewing with the fabric make sure when you’re looking at the machine It’s got the word sturdy heavy Steel frame all those kinds of things [that] help you know it’s going to stay put while you’re sewing if it has straight zigzag Backward stitch, if it has features to help you sew faster if it has a nice sturdy body the last thing that you’re going Need in this whole list is to check the reviews I just go through all the reviews and look for positive experiences Look for people who had customer care concerns because then you’ll know that someone’s there to Address and help you out if your machine has any troubles if it’s a machine That’s been bought by a lot of people and it’s really highly reviewed now on top of that customer care seems to be okay honestly It’s gonna be a machine that can handle the work for you now that you have a sewing machine There’s a couple more supplies that you’ll need before you get started with sewing and they’re all really oddly small things that add up But you wouldn’t think of them when you’re getting started, it’ll be things like pin cushion You’re [gonna] need fabric scissors because normal scissors aren’t as good for fabric You’re [gonna] need measuring tape tailors chalk all these different colors of thread bobbins. What I did is I Assembled a whole list of the things that I use all [the] time put them in one link And they’re down below for you if you check out that link and you grab all the items in there you’ll be good to go [alright] the last thing I wanted to go [over] in this video is how [to] get started with sewing the first thing that I want you to know about sewing is practice and Patience makes perfect the kinds of projects that I make these days I think I’m only able to make because of Mistakes and other trials that I’ve had in the past you’re going to sew a stitch you’re going to realize you sewed it wrong You’re going to have to rip it out with a seam ripper And you’re gonna have to load it up back into the machine go over it again with out patience. It’s never Gonna get done It’s definitely an exercise in patience Character building a somewhat active if you’re feeling ready to take on that [challenge] And you want to start making and owning your own stuff [I] do have a Beginner sewing video set for you guys it goes over how to hand sew how to load up [your] machine how to do a straight? stitch and how to do a [zig-zag] stitch and then all of those circumstances [I] cover what you can make now that you know how to do this skill I started with hand sewing because that is the most accessible form of sewing you need it to do buttons You need it to mend little holes It’s like the most basic Useful part of sewing how to load a machine how to do a straight stitch how to do a zigzag stitch those three things together? Are [gonna] get you started on the majority of things that you will ever have [to] make if you want to check out the series? I tried to keep them [very] short and informative and detailed check the description and let me know what you think I do get a Lot of requests to cover a really basic beginner sewing tutorials one of the most standard Basic things to make is a pillowcase to complement this video I do plan on putting up a pillowcase tutorial next week so subscribe if you don’t want to miss that thank you so much for [making] it through all my tips I Hope they were helpful for you I wanted to cover a whole bunch of topics in One and then give some room for you [guys] to give feedback and comments and ask more questions about what you want to know so I know this may have been a bit broad and fast and not as high detail as you might have wished But if you have more specific questions, please please comment I’ll do my best to reply to them and keep the conversation going [if] you like this video Let me know you can always follow me on Instagram It’s [with] Wendy and finally if you haven’t subscribed yet Please do subscribe click the button below I have new [videos] every Wednesday and every Saturday, and you should subscribe if you don’t want to miss them, [whoa] [I] just [got] crap in my oh One last update is that I have 20 supporters on Patreon. Which is crazy if you’re supporting me on patreon Thank you all so much. If you’re still watching my videos. [thank] you so much I’m getting closer and closer to my first goal Which [is] to have a shop running year-round and either way the financial [supports] to keep all this running is really exciting to me So if you [want] [to] check out my patreon page, [there’s] a link below for you to like 66 leagues [we] also passed 125,000 subscribers, we [passed] 5 million views we passed 10,000 on Instagram [I] feel really excited and I’m really thankful. That’s all for today Thank you all [so] much for watching please do comment if you have more questions And I’m happy to get back to you and help you out Don’t feel super overwhelmed by sewing I’m a person who has never gone to Fashion school I didn’t have any real formal sewing training everything I learned is from a mama if yo mama is not in a position where she can teach you how to sew I will be Yo, mama, that’s all for today. I’ll see [you] all Wednesday next week. Bye