Sewing Basics : How to Sew a Curved Hem

Hi, have you ever sewn something that’s at
a curve, and you get all that bunching and gathering together, and you just don’t know
how to get that to lie smooth? Well, we’re going to talk about that today. My name is
Daniel King. I’m a clothing designer, pattern maker, and we’re going to talk about sewing
a curve. Sewing on a curve, for example the back of a man’s shirt, here is a curved hem.
What you can do; there are different ways to do this, is actually turn that up, that
hem part up, and you can actually cut little slits, but they have to be very precise, not
past where the bottom of the hem is going to be. Once you do those little slits it’s
much easier as you start to go along to push the slits together, and that way the fabric
goes together smoothly at the top. Another way I found is to actually do a very loose
hem, or excuse me, loose seam along the very edge and gather that. You pull very gently,
gather it together when you’re pulling and so it actually gathers that edge together,
and when you turn it it’s already pulled together very smoothly so that when you turn the hem
it’s already smoothly gathered instead of bunched, and then you can do your hem. So,
that’s just a couple ways to actually do a hem on a curved part of a pattern. My name
is Daniel King, and good luck with the curves.