Sewing Basics : How to Sew a Blind Stitch

Hi, there are many different ways to sew by
hand and the different types of stitches that one can use. Sometimes you want to see the
stitch and sometimes you don’t, and that’s where blind stitch comes into play. Hi, my
name is Daniel King. I’m a designer, pattern maker, and sewer. A blind stitch is a stitch
where you can actually stitch something together but you don’t really want to see it. Now I’m
going to do a quick demonstration, but I’m using a contrasting color thread so that you
can see it, but the object is not to be able to see it. So for instance, here on this pillow
cover, I have a whip stitch where you can see the stitching. This is a certain technique
that you can use, but we don’t want to use this. We don’t want to see the actual stitch.
So by doing a blind stitch, where you have the two pieces of fabric together, and you
go inside of those two, and you just catch a little bit of the one side, and a little
bit of the other and try and push in between them to bring the needle out in between. You’re
catching the two ever so slightly and then pulling. That will stitch the two together
without actually seeing the stitch. Now, some people find that you go out a little too far,
but if it’s the same color fabric, it’s barely noticeable. So I’m going to do that again.
Catch one side, catch the other on the inside, push through and bring the needle out between,
not over, but right between the two, and bring the needle out. And once I’ve done that, then
the two pieces are together but you don’t see it. It’s on the inside. Now that’s just
a little bit about a blind stitch. You can also use this on hems, so you don’t see at
the hems of pants. My name is Daniel King, and good stitching.