Sewing a Patchwork Purse : Sewing on Purse Strap

Okay, now we’re ready to sew the straps in
place. I’m going to go ahead and start sewing right before the strap. Make sure everything
is pulled tight. I’m going to start right here and that way I’ll get both the straps
in right away. The number one thing you want to watch out for is not to accidentally sew
your strap underneath somewhere else where it doesn’t belong, because it’s going to be
something you’re going to have to keep moving out of the way. And for this, I go down to
about a quarter inch stitch. But you’ve got to make sure your front and back are lined
up, so you actually are going through all pieces of material. I usually backstitch over
the straps, just to give them that little bit extra support. I just go to town, get
all the way around it. I like to pivot in the corners, because it gives you a nice,
clean edge. Coming up on the other strap, I want to make
sure I move the pin out of the way and keep it where it belongs. You got to watch out
because sometimes it’ll try to go cockeyed on you and then they’re sticking out all funny.
Go ahead and go the rest of the way around.