Sewing a Patchwork Purse : Pinning Front & Back of Purse Pattern

Once you have your lining cut, we are ready
to do our pinning. What you’re going to want to do is decide where you want your flap to
come over because we need to leave an opening for the straps. And what I do, is I always
fold it over, decide where I’m going to want them, and then I put pins in right there.
And I put them in a certain direction just like that so that I will remember not to sew
there, so the straps will be on the inside and look nice. Now when you do the other side,
you want to make sure it lines up exactly, so I’ll fold it over, like so, do the same
thing, put two pins in right where the straps would go. That will also be where you will
flip the material, just like that. And then I put the rest of the pins in, but I make
sure I put them in at funky angles so that they don’t mean anything to me, and that way
I will remember the other ones. I’m just going to flip them over to this side. Usually I
like to have this side up when I’m sewing it. And then you just go ahead and put pins
around the sides.