Sewing a Patchwork Purse : Making Patchwork Purse Lining

Okay, and once you have it as wide as you
want it, you can do as thick or thin a strips as you want, and you can always cut these
and reattach them back and forth if you want more of a block style, but that will definitely
shrink down what you have, so you have to plan accordingly. This was what I actually
had picked out for my lining, but now putting it next to it; I decided I want something
different. Which is the great thing of always having material stashed away. And now I’m
going to go ahead and make the lining the size of my purse. What I’m going to do just
lay it out there lengthwise, and same thing. I’m going to line up the edges. I’m going
to make sure it’s stretched as much as it’s going to stretch. Make a small slit. Rip all
the way down. Then I need to get the right length. I’m going to do the same thing. Once
again, now remember, you can only rip certain types of material, so you’ll have to check.
If you can’t rip it, then you’ll have to just cut along it. Ripping is so much quicker,
though, I love it. And that’s how you get the lining the same size as the top.