Sew What Pro Tutorial – Info-Icon View, Adding FONTS to SWP

Greetings and welcome to our channel! Im Eve with The Babys Booty This video is a quick pick tutorial for Sew What Pro Sew What Pro is an embroidery design editing software
program. This tutorial will benefit those who machine
embroider, or wish to learn about it. You should already have a machine, and have
purchased designs to fully benefit from this video. This quick pick tutorial will be for info-icon
view. This is the button we will be working with,
and this is the pane we will focus on. Also note, this button up here will be important
in our tutorial today. Info-icon view is a shortcut to the most recently
used folders in swp. This is beneficial for merging many different
designs, such as letters. Take for instance these letters. I just created this design. If i want to add more of the exact same letters,
i click up here on info-icon view. On the left a pane opens that shows ALL of
the designs or letters in that folder. Notice the directory up here. It shows exactly what folder it is displaying
below. Here is that same folder on my computer. This allows me to select other designs or
letters from that SAME directory or folder. Because i have ALL sizes of the same font,
I can select any other sizes as needed. But what if i want a different font on the
same design? First close icon-info view. Then We go up here to MERGE because we are
merging more designs to the current one. We then select the folder with the other font
we want then choose the letter we want. Notice it adds the letter to the current design! Move it to where you want it on the design,
then click up here on info-icon and notice your folder you just picked from shows up
over here. Now you can just add the letters that I wanted to add to this design Now we have more than one font in one design So if I’ve added these out of this folder Which you come up here to look at the directory again Its in the Kailee file folder with fonts But these here are Centurion So if I want to do those again I just scroll back down To those letters and they’re still there This allows you to switch back and forth to whatever you need to do And it makes it a lot easier for you Why then is this folder showing up? Where it says custom and its pictures here? As i mentioned, info-icon view is for all
recently opened folders, not just font folders. This could allow you to add another picture
design to your current workspace, if you wanted to. See? It just pops right into it. However, if you are done with one of these
folders and you don’t want it open over here anymore just go up here to Delete Album Folders. Look! It gives you the option to remove a folder
from view. Just click the folder you wish to delete,
select “ok” then bam! That folder is gone! Notice now it’s just the Kaillee font and Centurion font Those pictures are now gone. Also, under Delete Album Folders You can also select more than one by just
clicking on the ones you want gone then “ok”. So in review, info-icon view is for folders
ALL folders recently opened in SWP. You can have more than one folder in the view
so you can add multiple designs. Once done with a folder in info-icon view,
just go up to delete album folders, select what you want removed, and you are done! As always, we appreciate you tuning in to
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