everybody Jennifer here and in this
edition of the sewing report bust out your playlist because we’re going to be doing
some basting don’t mind all the crap laying around hashtag honest craft room I’ve got my backing fabric face down
because it’s gonna be on the outside then I have a layer of batting and then
it just need to put the top on since I chose a solid white back I didn’t have to do any peace and I just
had to iron it and it doesn’t really matter where the top is on it just
because it’s solid which is why i picked a solid so if you’re a beginner i would
definitely recommend using a solid so you don’t need to worry about it I needed stress i also have my phone out got some google play up and i’m going to
be playing some music well I based yeah yeah hey na na after you’ve done basting but before you
move on to quilting i recommend you give yourself like a five to ten-minute break unwind a little bit in distress and
another video we’ll get started on the actual quilting but in the meantime if
you’d like to see how i made the top make sure to check out the previous
video you like rock it out with me make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss
anything I’ll see you next time yeah