SEG Fabric Displays for Sally Beauty Stores | 40 VISUALS (2018)

hi my name is Brittany and today we’re gonna be focusing on our project spelling it with Sally Beauty who’s one of the world’s largest retailers of beauty supplies we recently gave Sally Beauty stores a makeover and replace their signage with light boxes and SEG fabric s e-g stands for silicone edge graphics silicone beading is so sown onto the edge of the fabric and is then inserted into the frame when the fabric is completely in the frame it gives a very frameless edgeless appearance since the light boxes are so close together we were able to daisy chain them this means that we ran the electrical from lightbox to light boxes that we can limit the amount of cords from this side we were able to daisy chain eight lightbox report once the light boxes are completely installed it’s very easy for the stores to swap off the fabrics if you’re interested in learning more about light boxes or SDG fabric give us a call at one eight hundred nine six two three one one nineteen purposes at forty visual Scott