Seeds and Stitches – Embracing The Seasons Mini Calendar with stylist Hannah Bullivant

hi it’s Ali @incredibusy and i’m here today with Hannah Bullivant from Seeds & Stitches we’re going to talk about and Hannah’s new project Which is a calendar! 2017 It’s very beautiful…
thank you! Who did the illustrations?
Emilie Maguin… she’s someone who I work with quite a lot on the blog and and she’s been doing monthly illustrations for my newsletter and we thought that it would be nice to pull them together into doing a calendar and then in the end she decided to just completely re illustrate everything so it’s not completely new illustrations for the calendar the idea being that my monthly newsletter is about encouraging people to embrace the month that they’re in with and simple and lovely things to make doing celebrate each month, so we were like let’s bring the best of that into a calandar each month so this is what we’ve come up with so it’s a mini calendar and it’s quite sweetly sized – just enough space to do date planning it’s not a full on planning tool and but it doesn’t take up too much space on your walls Let’s have a look at March for my Birthday,
What’s happening in March? Love your Ladies on International Women’s Day! welcome the spring equinox, host a “planting party” Love the wellies! Spot the nesting birds, so it’s ‘small things’ and maybe some of the things that may not be normally celebrated so we heavily talk about the Equinoxes and Solstices
and did you say that percentage of sales went to a charity so yes, big part that we’ve teamed up with the ‘ i do community ‘ and and that is the community that connects creatives with causes basically and enables them to give their time and all their skills to something that helps a charity or a cause, twenty percent of the profits go to that … when will they be available? It’s for sale now, and then we’re going to close the calendar shop on the fifth december and then they’ll be with everyone on the 15th in the UK so we’re really limiting the print run so we don’t have lots of waste…And you are printing the UK? yes so I look forward to having my own hanging in the kitchen! thank you very much Hannah