Secrets of Sew Cool- How it Works

Ximena: Hi, it’s RainyDayDreamers. Parris: And we’re back with the Sew Cool. The reason is, that after last week’s review everybody said, “How does it work,”right, and we wondered too. We didn’t know the secret to it. So today we’re going to investigate, we’re going to find out what makes the Sew Cool work. This is the Sew Cool sewing machine, and it really is cool. It sews without any thread. Now, in here there are six needles, three that hook down from the top and three that come up from below when you turn it on. And you run the material, fold it over. They give you special material. You run it through here, and it sews it together and it really looks like there’s thread holding it together when it’s done. So we’re amazed and still mystified. The Sew Cool goes for about $30.00, $35.00. We picked it over at Target. If you can’t find it locally we’ll put a link down below this video. And they provide you with the material that you sew, and it makes very nice things, but we wondered if we can’t use some other material because the replacement packs for the material are about $7.00 each. So we’re going to find out exactly how this works, what’s the deal with these needles, and what other materials – if any – can you use to sew with it. It works pretty simply. You turn it on, push the button and it sews. The needles simply go up and down, but there’s no thread in there to actually sew the items together. Now, if you didn’t see last week’s video, and you want to see how it works with material they provide I have a link down below that video, and I’ll put it up here above her head too the link to that video. Now, the first thing we’ll do is take a close-up look at the needle. Some people suggested they might have little barbs on them like a fish hook that works with felt-like material, something called felting that I haven’t heard of before, but it’s how you can get felt to stick together. The barbs pull little fabrics out of a piece of felt into the other piece of felt. Some of you I’m sure know more about this than me, but let’s take a look at these needles up close. Okay, and here’s the tips of the needles that poke down. I don’t see any barbs on them. And you can see the very tips of the needles from below poking up. And there was some suggestions that there might be barbs one the needle like you use I guess in felting, but I have looked at the needles from every angle. I cannot see any barbs. They just seem to be long straight needles. So nothing definitive there. How is it working? Well, we have a couple different materials to try out. I went and bought some sheets of felt. Christmas colors here, so Ximena can make something with this, but we’re just going to test it out right now. By the way these are $0.25 cents each, so these four fairly large pieces of felt $1.00. You saw how much material they gave us in the kit, yeah. So this is the cheaper way to go if it will work with this. And I pulled something out of a bag of old clothes. I’m going to just see if I can sew the pant legs across if that will work with that machine or not. First up, I took a piece of felt, folded it over, tried to make it look like a Christmas tree light shape. So she’s going to try to sew it around the edges. And we have some stuffing left over. We’ll stuff it if we can. If this works. If the sewing machine doesn’t explode. Here you go ma’am. Ximena: I’m going to make it, so then you can sort of put a thing through it. Parris: Okay. This is regular felt. I think you missed the – there you go. It’s a little fatter than the material that came with it, so that’s a #[00:03:35]. Pull it out here let’s see what happened on the one side #[ 00:03:38 ]. Ximena: It sewed. Parris: It did. Ximena: Yeah. Parris: Does it look like there’s thread through it? Ximena: Yeah, I think so. Parris: Well, remember open it from the inside and see. Does it seem like there’s threads? Okay, this is very similar to how it works with the material they gave us, so that’s a good thing. It looks like regular felt will work. Ximena: Ha. Parris: Can I have a look? Nice. Nice stitching I would say, but this felting stitching held together pretty snugly. This feels just like the other one doesn’t it? Just like the material that came with it. #[00:04:18] All right. Ximena: Looks like a fish. Parris: It looks like a fish. Originally when I cut it out I wanted it to be bell, but then I realized it was too skinny, so I thought, “Well, it looks kind of like a Christmas light,” and now it’s become a green fish. But if you can see how it looks stitched all around it, and it’s pretty snug and secure. So that’s great to know then. Regular felt seems to work fine with the Sew Cool sewing machine. Ximena: Yup. Parris: Okay, now we’re going to test it with just some regular material. These are old pants, A little on the wintry, thicker side, so it’s not so much like a cotton t-shirt fabric. It’s something a little bit more akin to felt in feeling, but it’s regular material. And Ximena’s decided there’s a whole in it she needs to patch them up even though they don’t anyone. In fact they must be 10 years old, so go ahead. Ximena: Well, Goodwill #[00:05:05]. Goodwill would like some #[00:05:07] Parris: Okay, we give it to Goodwill that’ll appreciate that you fixed the hole. Okay, here’s the test. Oh, it didn’t jam up the needles, but did it do anything? Did it – oh it didn’t. Ximena: It sort of did, but it came apart. Let me try again. Parris: Hmm. Okay, let me have a look. Ximena: It doesn’t look too good. Parris: It’s kind of stuck together though isn’t it. Ximena: Yeah. I think what happens is they just push it together, and sort of #[00:05:43] it. Parris: Okay, now just gently pull on it. What #[ happened 00:05:47 ] – oh. It just comes right apart again doesn’t it? Ximena: Yeah, you can see string, but this would not hold. Parris: Hmm. Ximena: So. Parris: So it is not going to work with regular fabric. That’s what we’ve decided right? Ximena: Yeah. Parris: So that answers the question of “How does the Sew Cool work?” Sorry it wasn’t real magic. It’s more felting-type magic, but it’s really good news because this very cheap felt, all kinds of colors, all kinds of patterns. I think I got this over at Hobby Lobby $0.25 cents a sheet. You can buy bigger packs at even more discounts. So that means you can use this. You can cut out your own patterns, and make lots of cool things inexpensively. So that – Ximena: Yay. Parris: That’s really good to know. Okay, we’ve solved that mystery. Now, we just wanted to mention briefly that we are trying hard to keep up over on Instagram, to put up pictures daily anyway. And so I think we have about 60 followers over there. We wanted to thank them, so we decided to show our appreciation to the folks who follow us on Instagram. And so over at our local supermarket, which is H-E-B, we found these cute little mini Snackeez Frozen themed. So we picked a couple of these up and we decided over on Instagram when we get to 200 followers we will pick someone, and they can pick which of these mini Snackeez they like. And then when we get to 500 followers we’ll give away the other one. Just wanted to let you know. And coincidentally we do have a link to our Instagram account down below this video if you’d like to check it out. Also down below the video there is that subscribe button. If you click on that you get notified when we put up these interesting educational informative videos. 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