Secrets of Amish Style Quilts at the Pennsylvania Relief Sale

Let’s just say an average queen-size
quilt, depending on the complexity of the
pattern and how much actual quilting is in it, I would estimate 300 hours. That’s close to seven weeks, seven and a half weeks. That’s working forty hours a
week. For one person to do it. There is a style for everybody.
Everybody’s gonna be drawn to a different technique, a different color
scheme. Now you don’t have to be Amish to make an Amish quilt. This is a classic
Amish-style quilt. They always use solid colors, very bright, vivid. In most Amish
homes it’s very austere, very plain, very simple living. But this is a way for an
Amish woman to show her skills. This is called a Lone Star and what’s remarkable
about this is there’s a lot of activity in this. It just radiates out as a star.
Years ago they didn’t want to be too proud. You didn’t want to have a perfect
quilt, you wanted to have something that had something wrong with it because in
God’s eyes you didn’t want to be too perfect because only God is perfect.
There’s been kind of a series of quilts called Amish with a twist. This one’s
number three. I think there were two previous ones. So it’s the same kind of
Amish colors that would be in a traditional Amish quilt but this is not
a traditional Amish design. The technique to make this is paper
piecing, which is a very time-consuming, very exact technique, to get all those
points exactly straight. A very nice example. This is the ultimate scrap quilt. It’s a pieced technique and we call it a postage stamp because each of these
little blocks is about the size of a postage stamp. It’s a great
way to use up that very last bit of fabric that you just can’t quite throw
away. It’s a sampler quilt. It has lots of different blocks in the
quilt rather than all the same blocks throughout the quilt. There’s lots of
different piece blocks, so that would be a traditional sampler quilt. This
is a beautiful appliqué quilt. All of these are little, tiny pieces that have
been cut out and applied to a foundation piece. A lot of people like just to
make more feminine-looking quilts but you know what? Guys like to buy quilts
too. And they wouldn’t be caught dead buying a pink, frilly quilt. This is a
lovely scrap quilt too, but it’s a whole different feel, you know. It’s kind of a charming keep-me-warm kind of quilt whereas this is, you
just put this on your bed for Sundays when company comes over to