Secret Compartment Shoebox with Patchwork Pallet Wood

The grain is continuous on the sides and the front. Perfect grain continuity over the entire piece. But, the lip is too thick or something. The scale of it is just not quite right, so… Back to the drawing board So I’ve gone through about 5 different iterations of that Clip mechanism And I had it working once until I broke it. And the rest of these have broken, so Moving on to a different material Oak has a high modulus of elasticity But I think the amount of room I’m Playing with here is just too little, so… *Chicken dance music* Hey guys, thank you for watching And a big shout out to Carolina Shoe for making this video and this project possible. Carolina makes a full range of quality long lasting work boots for Any type of tough job that you might have to do And they have given me A coupon code just to share with my viewers for 10% off Your next pair of boots, details about that are below Now I also have a couple of exciting announcements This shoebox That you see right here is going to be given away to a lucky viewer Check out the link below for the details on the giveaway. And, Next week I’m going to be hanging out at the Carolina Factory In Central Pennsylvania So Tuesday night we are going to be having a meet up in that area, so If you are nearby and want to swing by and hang out, details for that are below. I’m going to have a couple of my buddies stop by too. You know, Timmy Diresta and Jim Sway? And lastly if you want any more details on the shoebox project checkout As always, I have a full detailed article. On there for you to check out. I hope you enjoyed the build, that’s a lot of stuff So go check out all those links, and I’ll see you next time.