Scrappy Quilt Block

hello and welcome to my channel in this
video I’m going to show you how to do a crazy quilt block and this is great for
them scraps perfect scrap buster tutorial I upload videos every single Wednesday
and generally they’re about how to use your sewing machine or simple sewing
tips and tricks so let’s be honest here my fabric scrap piles are completely out
of control so here’s some of the scraps that I’ve pulled in order to start
making a block you’re going to have to go through and just iron them all just to
make sure they’re nice and flat so these are all my pieces all pressed the only
thing to bear in mind is that you are going to need some straight edges but
try and avoid trying to make it perfect the point is it supposed to be scrappy
even though this quilt is scrappy please bear in mind the colors that you’re
using and try and use complementary colors if you’re using the baby lock
soprano like I am and you want to use this decorative stitch it’s stitch
number 46 you’re going to select your first two pieces of fabric so I’ve got
this teal one and I’m going to match up with this like orange one I’m going to
put them right sides together and you’re gonna fold it back like this now it’s up
to you you can go to the iron you can press this down or you can hold it or
you can pin it now I’m over to the sewing machine with these two pieces of
fabric and it’s basically going to be like a zig-zag stitch so I’m now going
to piece these two together with a zig-zag stitch this is what my first set looks like I’m
just going to slice the bottom of this and I’m going to continue piecing so
I’m going to get my next piece of scrap fabric and I’m gonna put it right sides
together and then just flip that back and do the same thing now I don’t have
any stabilizer under here because you basically don’t need that you’ve got
like three layers of fabric under here so you continue piecing these things
together but you have to bear in mind you do need straight lines so wherever you
need a straight line just go ahead and cut and there you go that becomes your
next section so I’m going to grab this orange piece and I’m going to put it
right sides together and then flip this back and continue on now I’m going to
cut this straight along here and just remember guys this is just random it
doesn’t have to be perfect just keep going at it so here we go again
we’re going to do right sides together and we’re going to flip it back and we
are going to sew that down so guys I think you understand what I’m
doing here so you would continue on until you get the final block size of
the quilt that you’re making so this is going to be my first block and I’m going
to cut it into a six inch square this is what my scrappy block looks like one
thing that I like to do is just use contrasting colors I think it looks a
lot more uniform well I hope you found this tutorial super helpful and if
you’re going to try this out let me know in the comments down below and don’t
forget I upload videos every single Wednesday so if you’re not subscribed
don’t forget to hit that subscribe button and thank you so much for
watching see you next week bye