Scrappy Improv Quilt – Gentle Curves Free Piecing – Quilt Along

hello everyone, this is Yoan and a
very welcome to you. If you celebrate Christmas, I hope you had a wonderful
Christmas time with your family and ready for the New Year.
Today’s episode is a quilting episode and I would love to share this scrappy
improvised style quilt that features soft curves or gentle curves now if
you’ve never worked with curvy style quilt block, don’t be afraid it’s not as
difficult especially with this project we will do soft curve or gentle curve so
it’s not too defined and the technique is not as complicated obviously this is
a great scrap busting project so pull out your favorite scraps doesn’t matter
what color… the brighter and the bolder the color is the better so feel free to
use your imagination and have fun with the entire project. The finished measurement
of this quilt is 57.5″ x 57.5″ ,so
yes I made this quilt to be square, now since we’re going to work with
consistent size block which is the ten inch square blocks you can easily modify
this quilt, so you can change the size you can change the layout and really you
can make it smaller or bigger make it rectangle add sashing, border so there
are many possibilities. Now before we get started I just want to say from the
bottom of my heart thank you so much for all of your love and support to this
channel it’s been an amazing year so I’m planning to keep doing what I’m doing
for the next year hopefully to get better to create contents that are
useful for you still revolves in sewing of course bag making, and quilting just
know that you are so appreciated and I am so grateful to be able to serve this
amazing community. Alright, so enough of me rambling and without further ado let’s
get started. So what you’re gonna do first is to cut your scraps into various
sized strips so the width of your strip’s should be between one and three
inches and the length should be at least 11 inches since we’re gonna make 10
inch square blocks this way we’ll have enough room to wiggle and to trim off the
block to the exact size I divided my strips
into three categories so I’ve got the light or neutral ones, and then I’ve got
the medium ones and I’ve got the dark or very bold colors, now you want to take
two strips that are contrasting in color so I’ve got here an orange strip
and a white strip so what I’m gonna do I’m gonna take my rotary cutter and then
make a gentle curve cut so I simply going to eyeball this don’t think too
much when you do this simply just wiggle your hand a little bit and make the
curve alright so you can see the curve that I made I think it’s a little bit
too curvy but it’s okay… now I’m gonna take my orange strip and lay them right
side together so you wanna have the straight edge strip to be on top and a
curved strip to be at the bottom and I’m going to go to my sewing machine and
stitch them in place now when you sew simply maneuver the top strip making
sure that the edges are aligned and you may sometimes have to stop and
reposition your strips so that’s perfectly fine your aim is to make sure
that the edges are aligned and of course you want to sew with quarter inch of
seam allowance and if you have quarter-inch food I recommend for you to
use that and when you’re done go ahead and press
towards one side all right you can see now the curve shape taken place there
next I’m going to go ahead and make another cut this time I’m going to cut
the orange strip now if you’ve got a decent amount of fabric from the cut at
least like one inch wide you can keep that and use it for later now I’m going
to take another strip with straight edge and then I’m going to sew this to the
orange fabric so I’m gonna go ahead and lay that right side together and sew
pretty much the same way like before so I’m going to maneuver my upper strip
to follow the curve of the lower fabric and then press towards one side so you
want to go ahead and repeat the same sequence and build your block until your
fabric is measuring a little over than 10 inch by 10 inch since this project
called for 10 inch square block however you can obviously do different size
block you can do larger block or smaller block it’s totally up to you all right so here I’ve got my fabric
already measuring a little bit over than 10 inch by 10 inch now I’m gonna go ahead
and take my ruler and then square this fabric to measure exactly 10″ x 10″
so here I’ve got my square ruler so I’m going to lay that out on top
of the fabric and this is the ten inch point so I’m going to trim off whatever
excess from either sides now if you’ve got a decent sized strip of fabric from
trimming your block like at least an inch wide you can keep this and
incorporate this with another blocks later just make sure that you trim of
your fabric to the measurement of exactly ten inch square or whatever
desired measurement that you want all right so here I’ve got my block already
trimmed to size and here I’ve got several more that I have met so feel
free to be as playful as you want use up your scraps you can incorporate as many
colors as you want it to so yeah just have fun with your project if you’ve got
a decent sized strip from trimming off your block the one that I showed you
earlier at least one inch wide and 11 inches long you can also incorporate
these to your quilt block so do pretty much the same way as before make a curve
cut and then take another strip and sew them together now I’m going to sew another strip to
the other side of my scrappy strip because I don’t want this to be
positioned at the edge of my block so here I’ve got my fabric already
measuring a little over than 10″ wide now I’m gonna go ahead and square this
one up all right so here I’ve got my quilt block
ready to go you see how the scrappy strip really add an interesting accent
to the block so here I’ve got a couple more that I have made so I went ahead
and made 36 blocks for my quilt and I laid them out in one direction which is
vertical direction so I arranged them in six rows and each row has six blocks
you may also arrange your block in different layout for example this one
here is almost like a rail fence or you can alternate horizontal lay out and then
vertical lay out just like shown in this picture or you can also group some
blocks together and then add sashing and then add another group of blocks now I’m
going to go ahead and start piecing this quilt box one row at the time course I’m
going to start from the very first row so I’m going to take all of these now I’m going to go ahead and sew them
together with quarter inch of seam allowance and of course I press the seams of each
row towards the opposite direction so I’ve already sewn all the blocks from
each rows together now I’m gonna go ahead and sew each rows together so what
I’m gonna do I’m going to start by sewing the first and the second row
together and then I will go ahead and sew the third and fourth row and then
the fifth and sixth rows and then sew them all together so I’m going to nestle the seams of each
block and then pin them in place this way everything will nicely aligned and then
sew with quarter inch of seam allowance and then press the seams towards one side okay so here I’ve got my quilt top ready
to go, now I’m gonna go ahead and layer this with a quilt batting and the quilt
backing as well and I’m gonna baste them with the spray basting you can do
pin basting or you can combine pin basting with spray basting do what more
comfortable for you now go ahead and do the quilting you can do free motion
quilting like what I do here or you can also use your walking foot and run wavy
lines I think that would work great for this quilt as well or you can also do
hand quilting this have fun and enjoy the entire quilting process now that
I’ve done quilting I’m gonna go ahead and trim off my excess batting and
backing this is a great opportunity to again square up your quilt and
straighten up any wonky edges the last step will be to bind your quilt
so I’m going to use this fabric in navy blue this is the Kona cotton fabric
and I’m going to cut two and a half inch binding and for this project I will need
seven strips now go ahead and bind your quilt with your favorite binding method and that’s all I have for you today guys thank
you so much for watching I hope this video served you well and I shall see you
next time with another fun sewing and quilting project goodbye!