Sarah’s Choice Quilt

Welcome to SoVeryEasy, my name is Laura. And this quilt consists of two different quilt blocks, but when they’re put together you get this chain effect. And what makes that chain effect so noticeable is the fabric. The quilt consists of two different fabrics but the main body of the fabric has to have a small all-over print, because when they’re joined together, well, you don’t see where the seams begin and end. So you have two blocks: There’s one and here is another. But when you sew them together, the joining fabric blends so well after it’s been quilted that it looks like one solid piece. This will only happen if you have a fabric that has a small overall print. And the eye will not notice that these pieces are different. So my first fabric that I’m going to use is from Moda, and this has that small tiny print on it. And the corresponding fabric is actually from Maywood, but I loved the way they went together. Now the first block we’re going to make is a Snowball block. So to make a Snowball block we’re going to use an 8½” square. You can take that 8½” square and trim off the four corners following the template. And I’ll put a template for you in the description. So on the template I’ve drawn four big arrows and those arrows are the corners that need to be cut off and to make it really easy, you can take the template and tape it on the back of a square ruler. And you’re going to have two sides that you’re able to match up. These are the sides that you’re going to cut off. And then the other two sides will just fit inside. The ruler is going to kind of look like it’s on crooked but the corner that’s going to be cut off is the side that’s going to come out. And you will see that the inside will match up perfectly, so you will be able to cut off the one side and the next side, and then by turning the ruler you will be able to cut the next two corners off. So I have my squares cut out and they started at 2⅞”, and I’ve trimmed down the center, and I’ve also trimmed off the corners. And that will match up to my 8½” square. Now I’m able to take them to machine and just sew a quarter inch and I don’t have to worry about trimming off the corners because they’re already trimmed off. You will need fifteen 8½” finished Snowballs with your light color in the center which is an all-over print and your darker on the four corners. Those blocks are 8½”, the seams have been pressed towards the light and, well, half the quilt is done. The center of the next block consists of a pinwheel. To do the pinwheel you need half-square triangles. You start with your 3″ squares of the light and the dark, draw the line down the center, sew a quarter inch on each side, and then you’re able to cut apart on that line. And by doing that you will have this square which is a half-square triangle. From there you need to trim it down to 2½”. It’s very important that this square equals 2½”. You need sixty of these half-square triangles. And when you have the sixty blocks you will need four of them to make a pinwheel. So in order to make the pinwheel block you need to put four of the half-square triangles together. Now this piece, and this piece is actually the same. If you just turn it you will see that it’s the same. So you can take all of your blocks and divide them in half so you can make two stacks so that they’re all in the same place, and when you go to the machine you’re going to be able to sew them together, the quarter inch. And when you have all the stacks together, you’re able to just turn them and put them together and it will make a pinwheel. Now if you keep your seams to the dark on both sides they’ll nestle together quite nicely, and you will be able to match up the quarter-inch mark right there in the center. And you will have a pinwheel. And press the seams again to the dark. And in the back you’re going to be able to just remove a couple of the stitches right here in the center, and that’s going to open up flat to a nice flat pinwheel. And you need fifteen. And to make the flying geese I’m going to cut the units into the triangles first. The first one is the large one which is going to be in the center of the light color. And start with a 2⅞” square and cut it in half and that is the size you need for the center and for the two triangles that go on the end, you start with one square at 5 3/16″ and you cut it apart. Now I have taken time and I’ve trimmed off the quarter inches on each of the corners. And that way when I go to sew them on they’re going to already be trimmed for me. So when you’ve cut your square in half it’s going to be the long ends that are going to go against this end. And you will be able to see that they fit. The small end is not going to fit. And with the quarter inches cut off it’s easy for me just to sew the quarter Inch all the way down, And I’m going to do this to the entire stack. Then I can put on the second side. So you will need thirty 2⅞” squares cut in half to give you sixty. So you will need thirty 5 3/16″ squares, divided [into] four, is going to give you 120 which will go on each side. And when it’s all sewn together that point will equal a quarter inch, and you will have sixty of these. Now we can assemble the block. Now you can do your flying geese any way you want but the finish size is 2½” by 4½” and now they need to go onto the pinwheel block. What we have now is the pinwheel block, the four flying geese that are going to go on each side. Then the 2½” squares are going to go in the corners. And that’s what a Sarah’s Choice block looks like. So now we need to sew them together. And sew them in rows. When the last two rows are sewn together you want the seams going out. And by having the seams out, they’re going to match up to your Snowball blocks. And when you sew those two blocks together, you can see where this will continue to look like a square. And that’s going to blend right in when you quilt it. By having this small print that’s an all-over design we’ll fool the eye and make it think that it is together. So you’re going to have three rows that start and end with the Sarah’s Choice, and you’re going to have three rows that start and end with the Snowball. And each row is going to have five blocks. So with two different blocks—the Snowball block and Sarah’s Choice—and two different fabrics, you’re able to get this antique-looking quilt, and it’s very easy. It looks a lot more complicated than it is. The whole key is using a fabric that has a small print so that your eye does not see the seams. I hope you give this antique- looking quilt a try. Thank you for joining me today on SewVeryEasy. Feel free to subscribe and, as always, come on back. 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