Ruler of the Month – Wonder Cut Ruler

Sara: Thank you for coming out to Heirloom
Creations Ruler of the Month. And I want to say hi to all our online viewers,
as you’ve joined us, as each month, we’ve featured a different ruler. This month we’re going to feature the Wonder
Cut ruler. I feel like I should have my superhero cape
on, and a big W, because it’s Wonder Cut ruler. And with that I find a very easy way of cutting
half-square triangles, and also triangles and squares that turn into little pinwheels,
all from a simple strip of fabric that is sewn into a tube, with a seam on both sides. From one strip, we’re going to be able to
get multiple half-square triangles, and then we’ll show how we do the little table runner
here. To use the Wonder Cut ruler, we’ll start by
cutting strips using the horizontal lines on the ruler. Now don’t pick this ruler up if you are planning
on just cutting strips. This is not a three and a half inch line at
all. This is the size that’s needed to cut the
half square triangles from a strip of fabric. Depending on what size you need for your blocks,
if you need a three and a half inch sized unfinished, you’ll cut from the three and
a half inch line. Cut all your strips there. On the page that comes with the ruler, there’s
a little cheat sheet, of how many half-square triangles you’ll be able to get from one strip. So, With the three and a half inch size, we’ll
be able to get 15 different half square triangles. We’ll start off by, after you cut your strips,
sew the two seams together. Sewing along each side here, you can kind
of see our two colors. Then when you go to cut these out, I like
to put a little glow line tape on the ruler, so I don’t have to keep searching for the
line to use. Usually I just take and put a piece along
there. Glow Line tape comes in a package with three
different colors. Flip it over, and then chop off the sides. Done. Place the ruler along the strip, along the
line, and start cutting your half-square triangles. Cut, turn, and cut. You can see this will go very quickly when
you need lots of them. Do best press your strips before you actually
start sewing them together. That will help because these edges will be
bias, and that will help them not stretch when you actually go to sew them together. When I started to sew the blocks together,
I actually reduced the pressure of my sewing machine presser foot, and it really helps
kind of skim along those seams, and not actually stretch them out when I’m sewing. So as you can see, our half-square triangles
start to multiply very quickly here. Another version that you can get from the
Wonder Cut ruler is these pinwheel blocks. As you start to put them together, they kind
of spin around for you. You start off by taking your squares, and
sewing them together, and then you put a strip on the opposite side. Put a strip on there, and sew on both sides,
creating the tube. Once you’ve created the tube, you place the
ruler on the seam. Now there’s a vertical line here that we’ll
put that on, and cut. From there you get that third size here in
those little pinwheels. Now sometimes you might need the brown say
on the right, and sometimes you need the brown on the left. To change that up, all you need to do is slide
over and cut one more strip from here, and you’ll get the opposite color way. We’ll do one so you can see. Now we have the brown on the right, and the
brown on the left. Depending on how your blocks need to come
out, you’ve got multiple options there. I like just having to sew two seams, having
all my half square triangles with the little pinwheels come out with no fuss whatsoever. Now to actually quickly sew this little table
runner when I was all done, I just decided, oh, I’ll just stitch in the ditch. I used the new Bernina Stitch in the Ditch
foot. That has a little guide that you can put on
the walking foot, and then I could just stitch right along here for a quick, easy finish. If you have a Viking sewing machine, the interchangeable
dual feed walking foot has also that ditch stitching foot you can put onto this, and
have the same result. Join us next time as we feature the Creative
Grid ruler that’s the 60 degree Double Strip ruler. We’ll see you then.