Royal School of Needlework Online Learning – Introduction to Goldwork

Embroidery is a really expressive art form
that dates back thousands of years. The Royal School of Needlework is recognised as an international centre of excellence dedicated to maintaining these traditions and making embroidery accessible to everyone. I’m Becky Hogg and I’m a Tutor and embroiderer at the Royal School of Needlework and I’m going to be introducing you to the wonderful technique of Goldwork. Introducing a range of stitches in a variety of metal threads, Goldwork is a very unique and precise form of embroidery. I’ll show you how to create this beautiful design using a range of stitches and techniques. You’ll learn how to prepare your fabric for Goldwork, how to couch metal threads such as smooth passing, Rococo and twist, how to decorate lines with pearl purl, how to add chipping for a detailed texture, how to use cutwork techniques for covering
raised areas, how to add spangles for embellishment and hide imperfections, and more. Through exclusive
videos and step-by-step instructions you’ll create your own piece, learning these stitches
as well as best practice for successful embroidery. Work at your own pace, watch these videos
as often as you want and connect with other students on the course. Here at the Royal School of Needlework we’ve taken this popular course online so it’s even easier for you
to get started.