Roland Sands Womens Quinn Leather Jacket Review from

Hi, I’m Brian Van, And today we’re going to do a product review on the Roland Sands Quinn womens Leather Jacket. The Roland Sands Quinn women’s leather jacket is available in two colors. We’re showing you the tan right now. There is also a black. Multiple sizes are available. $550.00. Free shipping for any order over $40, in the lower 48 of the United States. Really affordable international DHL shipping rates. Most importantly, no restocking fees. You get the Quinn leather jacket from us, you make sure you love the fit and feel before you ride in it. That way if you need to send it back for a return or exchange You avoid every hassle, avoid every fee. We want to make sure you are stoked with your purchase! Let’s start off with sizing, that’s really important. Our model today here, my wife, Marcine She is 5’8″ tall, 145 lbs. She has a size Large right now, in the Quinn jacket. First thing you’re going to notice when you get this out of the package. The hand of this leather is absolutely amazing. Okay, this is premium from jump street. Beautiful quilted inner liner. Quilted accents on the outside, perforation here on the arms. So that’s going to really help in the warmer weather. Very subtle use of logoing. Zippered storage pockets too on the outside. RSD metal logo here. We’ve got an inner storage pocket on the left breast, with a zipper. Back of the coat, look at all the detail. Stretch panels here, quilting across the shoulders. And here’s a really important feature here too, for the ladies. Zippered gussets at the waist. This is nice when you get on the motorcycle, you’re able to open these gussets up. And it allows the jacket to open up a little bit when you sit down. So it doesn’t push up on the jacket. All of the Roland Sands jackets come without armor. So as she has it on right now, there is no armor in it. There is some padding here in the elbows and shoulders a little bit, right. But it doesn’t come with any armor in it at all. That is all sold À la carte. We have this here for display right now. We’ve got shoulder armor, elbow and forearm armor. As well as CE certified back armor. You buy this independent of the jacket. And slide it in if you choose to. What I want you to think with this is absolute premium. She’s already said when she saw this coat, she loved it, she would wear this coat out. It would be much more than just a riding jacket. And that adds a lot of value to the transaction. When we come back, we’ll have the jacket off her Give you a closer look, from the inside out. It’s all about the details with stuff like this. So we’re gonna give you a nice closeup look, at this Quinn jacket. You know, you get down to the details like this RSD logo here. This zipper pull right, half in leather, metal stud. The hand of the leather is just absolutely amazing. And you look at the quality of the stitching. We sell a lot of great apparel here. You know, you look at where these stitches have intersected here. This is very, very tidy. This is on, I would say, the next level. As compared to a lot of the best brands in the world. Inside the coat, right. That poly-satin lining. It feels really nice against the skin. There’s your zippered storage pocket, in the left breast area. Your zippered gussets. A perforated panel there. Roland Sands logo, gently embossed in the leather. Back of the coat. Very clean, wonderful quilting. Let’s give you a closer look at the armor. The back pad comes with the edges all finished. Your elbow, and this is the men’s kit i’m showing you. A little bigger than what the ladies kit would be. This stuff is done in layers. Makes it very comfortable if you choose to buy it. And what you could do, if you want to. You’d sacrifice some protection, okay. But this stuff is lightly put together. Okay, it’s held together in the pocket. You could remove a layer, if you wanted to. Like one of the inside layers. Just so it’s a little more low profile. You’re gonna lose some protection, it might not even pass a CE test at that point. But it would be a little more comfortable inside the jacket. So i’m just throwing that out there as a possible option. There’s a close up look at the Quinn, Roland Sands women’s leather jacket.