ROASTING TXT’s “Run Away” Outfits ?

Hi, welcome! so in today’s video I’m gonna
be roasting TXT’s outfits, I know it’s “T BY T” but ughhhh, I’m not gonna lie, I don’t
like a lot of their fashion choices, please keep in mind that Idols are NOT their outfits. I’m roasting clothing, not their personalities,
not their bodies. If anything, Beomgyu is a fellow parrot person
and parrot people like to stick together. Which is why when I found out Jessica Viba
had 3 birds, I ended our beef real quickly. So, let’s get into it. Actually, I’m gonna stop you right there to
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Rosé like that or sharing my videos with people you that can hate them with. The first set of outfits, we’re gonna talk
about- we’re just, we’re just gonna mesh these two together because there’s a black version
and a white version, they are basically just Adidas track suits, whatever you want to call
them. Either way, there’s tape on them, so I hate
them. Here’s the thing, if I were a stylist in Korea,
I would have painstakingly, intricately cut out the Adidas logo in some tape of the same
color and just slapped it right on that logo, that’s the level of innovation and stupidity
I would bring to the kpop world, do you understand? I also have the incessant need to point out
that they have tape on their arms with the black outfit. Why just the one colour? I don’t know. They are not the same length, they are not
on the same spot on the same members bodies, that’s an issue. The one good thing about these outfits is
that they are matchy-matchy, they give me 2nd gen vibes. And you might think that each member is wearing
the exact same outfit, but you’d actually be wrong. in the black stage, Taehyun is wearing an
Adidas sweatshirt that zips up, while the rest of the members are wearing Adidas shirts
that don’t zip up. love that level of innovation. And then the white stage throws us even more
curveballs, as Yeonjun is wearing the zippered shirt, Taehyun is wearing a regular long sleeve
shirt but he has a sweater around his waist, and Huening Kai *HYOO-NING KAI* is wearing
a turtleneck. Absolutely stunning. The one thing they could have added to these
outfits to make them stand out, to make them more interesting, to make them so much less
boring, would be like neon socks or something, that’s like the very least they could have
done, but they didn’t. But it’s ok, because Beomgyu has a parrot
named Toto. But honestly, even though they are a bit boring,
I do still like them compared to the typical school boy outfit that we will see a lot throughout
this video. Moving on to the next set of outfits, actually
I’m unimpressed. Skip. A lot of the time, they are going to do school
boy inspired outfits and if you know anything about my style preferences, you will know
I don’t like denim, I don’t like big obnoxious belts… DENIM. No, I already said denim. I also don’t like school outfits, I don’t
like school outfits. I don’t think anyone wants to look like they
are going to school, like I don’t know about you, but I perpetually have had a terrible
time at school, it has never been good. So these next set of outfits, are the most
innovative that we’re going to see throughout all of these stages which is sad because they’re
not that innovative to begin with. Yeonjun’s outfit has the potential to be boring,
but I actually love the little details it has. It has these little pieces of fabric that
have been tied together and are hanging down, which adds a bit of interest and when he moves,
you see these cut out elements. And I actually like how casual the outfit
seems but then with the movement, it feels like it’s a bit more dressed up. For Beomgyu, he’s wearing an outfit that is
so extremely similar to an outfit that I’m sure I’ve seen V wear, and it also has those
elements of tied fabric hanging down with some random strings as well. And I like that, otherwise it definitely would
be boring. Soobin’s outfit looks like not my cup of tea. It just seems like everyone was told to not
do a stereotypical school boy look but they forgot to tell him. And of course, Taehyun’s outfit is kind of
innovative but it’s overshadowed by the blatant use of denim. I actually don’t hate it as much as I hate
the school boy look but go off Angelina. I actually do really appreciate the cut of
his shirt, I think it’s different but imagine how great this would look if he replaced the
denim…….with blue velvet. Just saying. How predictable was that on a scale of 1 to
10. However, Huening Kai’s outfit is not elevated
enough, he looks like he’s going to the gym and to be fair, a lot of them do look like
that as well, but at least there are these hanging elements as I’ve mentioned before. The only interesting thing about Huening Kai’s
outfit are the cutouts at the top but they’re a little bit hard to notice. I would have loved if his pants actually buttoned
up on the side and he had some cool leggings underneath, kind of like one of Lisa’s outfits
in a Ddu-du ddu-du performance. I think though it might seem a bit out there,
it would actually fit the overall theme of these stage outfits. I don’t know, what do you think? Ok, so this next set of outfits is actually
the most innovative ones, I lied. exposed. The truth about Angelina, where is my video? Huening Kai and Yeonjun are wearing shirts
that say “Études” on them by the way, with tape cuz, I think it’s a message. “Études” means “studies” so then there’s
tape through the word “Études” meaning they are running away from school? that was way
too much fo a stretch, I’m sorry it wasn’t funny. KEVIN! They’re also wearing denim, which objectively
doesn’t look too bad. I honestly prefer denim over a school boy
aesthetic. But Beomgyu’s outfits is actually the best,
he has a very shiny green shirt with a red coat that has a smiley face on the back. Good on him. As for the rest of the members, It’s too much
of a school boy aesthetic, although I do really like Huening Kai’s outfit, especially the
colors of his shirt, I think they are really nice, and mixed with the stripes of his blazer,
it gives me a hint of eccentricity, which is cool too. As for his denim, I’m actually quite fond
of the way it folds at the bottom, but again, I’m gonna say something very predictable…..*blue
velvet* so these next set of outfits are bad. But at least Yeonjun is wearing a fluffy enough
stripped sweater which totally would go against school code. Love that level of rebellion, but then again,
I’m a bit bored, by the constant repeat of extremely similar outfits. Moving on to the next set of outfits, and
I actually I don’t mind this use of plaid. This use of plaid is actually quite clean,
quite nice, Taehyun’s outfit looks a bit sportier, less schoolike in nature, and I really like
all the colors together, even the contrast of his white shoes again’t his blue pants. The rest of the looks however, are not my
favourite. Maybe if they stand 2ne2. So now we are on to the halloween outfits,
maybe I don’t get it. Are they magicians? I don’t know. But the thing is, it’s still underwhelming. I remember the same day, Ateez had their wonderland
performance and they had contacts and they had face makeup. And they just really went all out for halloween. And then you have TXT, I’m a bit disappointed. I’m sorry. don’t get me wrong, I totally appreciate the
whimsy that these outfits evoke, but they also did a very similar stage a few weeks
later which kind of takes away from how special these halloween outfits might have been. I have to admit it is quite cohesive, but
I mean if everyone is wearing the same thing, can you really praise cohesiveness, like it
kind of, kind of a cop out isn’t it? That’s kind of cheating at this obscure game
I made up in my head that has no real life value for them. These are just school outfits but there’s
some yellow. Next. We have more school outfits. And I know what you’re gonna say, that’s the
theme, in the music video, they are at school, of course they are gonna have school outfits. However, they also land themselves in an alternate
universe where doors catch fire. Forest fairies anyone? Fire inspired outfits anyone? Huening Kai’s shirt says “After all I’ve been
through” with tape through it, that’s 10% funny, I’ll let it slide. Also another positive thing, their mics are
gold and I like the look of that. Also, Soobin is the only one with a handheld
mic and you’d think for this part of the choreography he’d switch hands to make it look nicer, I
don’t know. I’m not trying to attack his character, it’s
just an observation. Ok, so I lied, there are 3 innovative sets
of outfits in this era, please don’t unsubscribe. So Beomgyu has the coolest pants, and I wouldn’t
expect anything less from a parrot person. But in contrast, we have Soobin who was probably
not informed that today is Saturday and there’s not school. Rip. So they did a lot of school outfits and I
didn’t like them. This is kind of unfair because they had a
lot going against them because of my own personal bias, but regardless, even if I didn’t hate
school outfits, where is the innovation? Anyways, that’s it! Here is the
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