Richardson Cap Embroidery | Richardson 112 (Embroidery Hub Ep99)

hello hello I am so excited to be back
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content to you so for those of you who don’t know what Richardson hats are
they’re just a style paths that are commonly requested by customers and they
look like this they’re really really nice hats however a lot of people say
that they have problems embroidering them so they want to know what are the
proper techniques to take so I’m gonna try it out for myself
so I can see what the fuss is about and then I’m gonna tell you what I use the
common theme exactly what you want to be doing with cap embroidery and any
embroidery is to make the embroidery as flat as possible if you can get it flat
you can embroider lot and I gotta say I stole that from my girl Eve at the
baby’s bootie I love her if you want to go check her out I’m just gonna give a
little shout out because she’s the bomb so like I said I’m gonna do one just a
regular run to see what happens we’re just using the right materials for hats
properly whooping technique I’m gonna give you some tips on that so without
further ado it’s time to jump right in I’m really excited to give these
Richardson has to go I’m a little bit scared however I do remember when I
first embroidered a hat everybody was saying that I had embroidered with so
hard oh my god and I’m putting a hat and it wasn’t hard so I think you need to
stop overthinking it and kind of just go in employee all these tips that we’re
giving you guys and you should be fine but let’s see what happens first things
first cap embroider you love it it’s super simple because you just need a few
materials all you need is a tearaway stabilizer and the correct needles so
right here I have 85 needles and none of these guys these are actually the 90/14
ones right here have 90/14 needle and 8012 needles I’m actually going to be
using the 90/14 one so just going to go straight to them
just because the 8012 needles I’m not sure if
it’s going to be tough enough to penetrate through this such thick fabric
so I’m just gonna start straight off with the 90/14 needles then I just have
a very very thin this is like a one point five ounce sheet of tearaway I’m
not going to be using anything thicker than this because this is already so
thick that we don’t really need backing however just in case of any registration
issues you want to just make sure that you are backed up so I’m just gonna go
ahead and cut a piece of backing that will fit the design the design is
actually covering most of the profile of the Hat so I’m gonna cut it a little bit
larger than our normal pre-cut hat backing and of course I just reached
into a little box with a bunch of binder clips because we are going to be using
these two loops so I’m gonna set these aside now that I have my needle I have
my backing I’m just gonna go ahead and loop the hat I actually already have my
hat needles on programmed on the machine pro tip if you have a multi needle and
you want to be efficient make sure to have several needles programmed for
different types of embroidery so you can have three or four needles program for
cap embroidery three or four for small lettering three or four regular and so
on and so forth just a quick overview this right here is your cap whooping
station and this right here is my cap ring so I’m just going to attach the cap
ring to the Capitoline station by lining up the opening with the little tab
making sure that all three of these little tabs are clicking in next up I
have my backing right here again this is just a lightweight sheet of tearaway
backing it’s all I’m going to need and then I’m just going to be opening up my
cap bringing the sweat band up and making sure that there are no that these
at all that this little strap is no longer closed I’m just gonna go ahead
and bring the sweat band of the hat underneath this tab right here in the
center and I like to just hold down on the Hat
one of the main reasons why people get a needle breaks is because they’re not
hooping tight enough I like to hold down the top of the hat while I bring the
sweat band underneath these two tabs right here one of them were the
closure is and then the other one where the closure begins and then I just bring
these two straps together I hold them down as much as possible and I bring the
strap over making sure that this little the little teeth here are really close
to the Bill of the Hat and then I’m just going to with my palm bring it up it
should be pretty difficult to bring up it shouldn’t be loose if it’s loose
that means the cap is too loose and you will most likely get needle breaks so
now that I have that done I’m just going to hold down on these three little
latches and it’ll go ahead and release itself so now I have my binder clips and
I’m just going to grab the smush side of the Hat and clip it making sure that the
straps stay outside this is just to kind of make sure that nothing is caught in
the middle and to kind of help that in it out a little bit more and don’t when
you’re doing this don’t squeeze it too much just enough to be able to create a
little bit more tension now I’m just verifying that I still have my backing
here being held so that my design is backed up by something so now that I
have my hat nice and properly hooped I did eyeball a pretty perfectly Jamie but
anyway there I always line up the the little seam of the hat with the knotch
inside of the tab and that’s just going to help Center it
however when you’re using a single head it’s not too much to worry about because
you can’t Center it on the screen however using a multi head you do want
to make sure that it is a really nicely centered because then that way you’re
gonna make sure that you have proper pretty Smit on all heads not just on one
so now I’m just gonna go ahead and insert it into the machine just making
sure that these little tabs line up and click together and and I always make
sure to trace before to make sure that we that there’s no obstruction when
we’re going to be embroidered on these hats so I think it’s time to press start
let’s see what happens so all in all I’m really happy with how
the logo came out Richardson hats were not scary at all so
I hope that this helps some of you guys who have been hesitant about trying
these hats out to try them out by yourself
so remember just use the right materials hooping technique is one of the most
important parts about cap and boy tree I have said it before trying out
Richardson 112 and I’m going to say it after hooping is everything if you’re
able to get that technique down you would not have any issues with caps
something else that is huge is the digitized design if you don’t have the
proper digitized file for cap embroidery you will run into issues so make sure
that your digitized design when you are working with caps starts in the center
and works its way out and starts from the bottom going up that’s one of the
huge things that you need to look out for for cap embroider digitizing so
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