REVERSE RIDGE RIB Knit Stitch Pattern

The Reverse Ridge Stitch. Hi, Guys! I’m Kristen and Welcome to Studio Knit! Today, we are knitting up this simple Reverse
Ridge Stitch pattern. It’s a series of knits and purls and a reversible
pattern that’s super stretchy, but unlike most rib stitches, this accordion stretch
is horizontal. I have the written pattern linked in the description
below from my website. You can also PIN this project and save it
for later. And make sure to check out my entire playlist
of cool stitch patterns you can make with just knits and purls. So let’s get started. And beginning with our beloved slip knot,
we are casting on absolutely any number of stitches of your choice. So, however you would like the width of your
project to be, go ahead and cast on those stitches. We are going to get started with row one,
which is knitting all, so that’s the knit stitch and every single stitch on this row,
row one, we are simply knitting and we are going to do this all the way down the row. Now, finishing up it’s time for row two. And row two we are going to be doing the purl
stitch, so we have our yarn in the front and we are purling absolutely every single stitch
here along row two. And we just continue purling all the way down
this row. Nearing the end of row two, it is time to
switch to row three and that is just like row one, we are going to be knitting all the
way down the row. And this is pretty much the pattern. We just repeat until it’s the length that
you desire. And you probably remember my recent Unicorn
Drink Cozy, which was done in this same Reverse Ridge stitch. It’s really versatile, and with just knits
and purls you can make a pattern that looks really beautiful and is very fun. So again, we just repeat rows one, two, and
three. Row one is knitting all, row two is purling
all, and row three is knitting all. And just keep knitting these three rows until
your piece is the length you desire. Thank you so much for watching. I hope you are inspired to knit up this Reverse
Ridge Stitch pattern. Please make sure to LIKE this video and SUBSCRIBE
to Studio Knit. Bye!