Refashion Denim into a DIY Patchwork Jacket | Child of Alcoholism | TEM FÉ

My dad had a drinking problem. As a kid I didn’t understand it. It made me feel powerless and guilty because
I thought it was my fault. And that if I would do my best I could help
him heal. Alcoholism or any addiction is a disease that
can take over and damage the person itself and everybody around them Fortes means strength in portuguese and even
though I didn’t know it at the time, this painful episode in my life allowed me to become
strong, resilient and develop my rich imagination which I use when sewing. I might have felt broken but just like I cut
my fabric, I can sew it together and create something new: my own work of art I refashioned denim into a patchwork jacket
because just like someone or life might break you, you can always stitch the pieces back
together and create the fabric of your life You are the designer of your life, so you
can use the pieces of your pain and transform it into something beautiful. For this look I used 3 different pair of jeans
in 3 different colors. I cut them up in different shapes so I could
repuzzle and stitch them together to create a beautiful patchwork fabric It’s basically quilting with denim I grabbed 2 pieces and sewed the sides together. Then I added another and so forth until I
got a big rectangle fabric. I took me a while to do this so patience is
definitely required for this work Once I finished the quilting this is what
I have 3 big pieces Lay them on top of each other with the right
sides facing Pin the top and the sides leaving space for
the arm openings Sew the top and the sides Cut a
round neckline on top. The front is bigger than the back Then hem the neckline, arm openings and the
bottom You can fold it once or twice like I did for
a neat finish And this is the final look
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