Raq Quilt Purse Video 2

okay this part of the video is going to
show you how to lay out your squares for your purse and as you can see this row
here is three squares at the bottom of the purse and then these two are the
side panels this is the front of the bag and that’s the back or vice versa so see
when you’re looking at it this is the bottom then your two sides okay okay so
now I’m going to show you how to piece this with your pants so that you can
take it to your sewing machine okay remember you’re going to stitch on the
outside of your purse so what I do is I just start on the first row of three and
then I put put these together just like that okay so I’m going to take my pan
and then just pin this together okay so then this is how I had it so this is
where I’m going to be stitching so now I’m going to go ahead and attach this
side too so that when I get over to the sewing machine I won’t get confused
about which piece this blue one attaches to whether it attaches to this piece or
this piece so I’m going to go ahead and pin that so then this is ready to just
take over to your sewing machine and just so you’re either 1/4 or 1/2 inch
seam there the same thing goes for all of these so I don’t really have to show
you again because you’re just going to do the same thing attach this piece to
this piece and then this piece of this piece so the next part of my video will
be me showing you how I sew that okay so this part of the video is I have already
pinned all of my squares together this is actually the bottom of my purse
so there’s 7 layers here so what I’m going to do is just start on the first
side this first pan and I’m going to sew a quarter inch seam right down there
okay so raise my foot okay so the way I line it up here is
there’s these little marks on the sewing machine and so that’s how I make sure I
keep the scallop on that 1/8 mark and I’ve determined that this is where I’m
comfortable putting my seen if you want it to be perfect of course you could use
those markers or pencils that are washable ok so here we go okay then raise that and so that’s the
first one so then I just go over make sure I open
that up then take this pin out and now I’m ready for this one okay so that’s it on this part what you
would do is all of your squares you’re going to sew them all together and see
how it’s taken shape here’s the outside of the bag for this part of the video
I’ve already sewn all of these pieces together and now what we’re going to do
is pin these pieces together so that we can sew the bag together so the first
thing that we’re going to do is take these two pieces and pin them together
so that we can take it over to the Machine and stitch it okay so when we take it over there it’s
been panned it’s going to look it’s going to look just like that after we’ve
sown it then after we’ve sown this one then we’re going to come back over here
and we’re going to attach this one and we’re going to pin it actually you know
what I can go ahead and do that now so that you can see it let’s pin it okay so
then so that’s the bottom and then now we’ll attach these pieces to this see so
then the last one I have is this one but I won’t make you watch that I think I’ve
shown you enough so then the next step I’ll show you on the sewing machine okay
for this part we’re going to sew all of our squares together so the last part of
this you saw me pin all of these together and so what I’m going to do now
is just start with the first one and then just stitch it okay so I’m going to
remove this pan but leave the other ones in for now okay now I’m going to remove this pin
that’s right there I think I just went a little crooked
there and I removed the next pan okay so now when you now you can see
that on one side it’s owned and then on this side you can see sorry I know it’s
hard to see with the with the camera but now I’m just going to finish doing all
of this to the rest of the areas that I have panned and so I’ll show you that
when I’m done