(Charles Denney) Pieced together with loving skill, layered beauty, comfort and history. Ceiling-to-floor, Tennessee quilts were
on display at the Wilson County Fair. Dozens of pretty creations intricate
patterns decorated to the hilt. For fair visitors it’s a must-see stop. (Shelly Barnes) Most the
time when people enter they say show me where the quilts are because that’s
something that they can remember their grandparents grandmothers and
great-grandmother’s working on when they were little. Everybody likes to have a
cozy quilt to snuggle up with and so coming to see the quilts at the fair is
a great family tradition. (Charles Denney) It takes time, patience and a steady hand to bring
cloth to life like this. (Wanda Briddelle) And just about any heritage skill that you want to say
you can find here. (Charles Denney) Wanda Briddell, here crocheting a hat for a cancer charity,
says the Wilson Fair is a great place to honor these traditions. (Wanda Briddell) We need to keep
them live so we can pass them down so future generations will be able to do
them. (Charles Denney) It’s hard to say when the first quilts were made in Tennessee but
perhaps before there even was a Tennessee, prior to 1800. Early quilt making was reserved for more affluent families but
in time everyone learned the skill because they needed a way to stay warm. (Cheering) (Applause) (Charles Denney) Here, scissors cut ribbon instead of fabric a new way to experience quilts the Wilson Way. UT Extension teamed with local leaders and the Fair Board to lay out a quilt trail through the Fiddler’s
Grove historic exhibit on the grounds. Each year the fair highlights an Ag
commodity and quilts are made to showcase these areas. These are actually framed photographs of the featured quilts attached to buildings, 9 in all. (Shelly Barnes) So, it’s just a good way to maybe on the off season of the fair and even during the
fair and have that Agri tourism aspect and get some people that maybe wouldn’t have come to field Fiddlers Grove or hadn’t heard about it on the grounds and
say the quilt trail and then learn about the history of Wilson County and the
agriculture in Wilson County. (Charles Denney) Quilts observe holidays and heritage. Now, the quilt trail on fairgrounds serves as a reminder that
we can celebrate the past in modern ways… pretty and proud.In Lebanon, Charles
Denney for Jackson 24/7