Quilting Wichita Falls Together Art Experience: Participants Speak Out

SHIRLEY: It’s a community quilt. So that’s what we’re really interested in.. KATHLEEN: By being in the quilting guild itself, there is a really diverse group of
women from all different ethnic groups and consequently they themselves help to divulge and to bring us into different parts of the community. EMILY: It’s unique to Wichita Falls,
and I like that because I love coming back to visit my hometown. ALLISON: It’s exciting to me and the rest of my family as well, to be part of the history that we have, the long, long history we have in Wichita Falls. BOB: I couldn’t believe the different topics, or the different subjects, and everything, how wonderful, how broad it is. I’ve learned a lot just looking. DONNA: Oh yes, cause each one had a story and because I was involved I know almost all the stories. KEN: Well it was pretty neat. Everybody
coming together and making their own square and every one is different, completely different.
You would think out of 150 squares, we would have something similar, but everyone is completely
different. TONY: It is the collective whole of the community, how it all comes together. by interfacing we got a bigger and broader perspective of idea of the community as a whole, and the surroundings and what the community does to support the military. VANESSA: I just hope we do more projects like this, because it rocks.