Quilted Table Runner Using Strip + Tube Piecing | Beginner-Friendly Project | SEWING REPORT

I’m working on a quilted table runner
and I wanted to let you come along and see the process welcome to the Sewing
Report I’m Jennifer Moore helping you discover your love of sewing and yes
here it is I am in the quilting process but I wanted to kind of give you a look
at how I decided to make this table runner I’m using a method called tuba
piecing where you take two and a half inch jelly roll strips sew them in two
rows of three and then sew those two right sides together and then you cut
them to make your blocks and they finish about eight and a half inch for the
blocks I’m getting to the end of my quilting
but I wanted to add a little more detail and I’m kind of doing this freestyle on
my walking foot with a stitch length of 3.5 just so that the stitches are a
little more pronounced I’m also using a 50 weight thread I believe but if you
wanted the quilting to be a little more pronounced you could use 40 weight or
even 12 weight aurifil thread this thread I think I got from I believe it’s
from Hwa block sewing I think all right so I’m doing sort of some freehand like
triangular type patterns and I got the inspiration from angela walters i watch
her midnight quilting class i’m craftsy and she is a master quilter I’m actually
going to be filling in these little triangles squares in the middle here so
I’m actually gonna start at each end and I just want to do a little more quilting
in here just to give it a little more umph
alright so what I’m gonna do is start at each end here and then go to the middle
and then go around each I’m doing just stitch in the ditch here so it’s pretty
pretty simple here and you don’t it doesn’t have to be perfect just have to
be having fun right alright and I did a little freestyle a little earlier where
I just filled in some of the geometric shapes in the block okay I know what I’m
gonna do all I have to do is quilt here quilt down these lines and then go back
because I’ve already quilted around the other way okay so here we go one more
here alright this won’t be too bad and I just want to give it a little more
pronounced quilting just since this is a pretty simple table runner
I wanted the quilting to really stand out here so that’s what we’re doing here and I’m busted out the Janome 7,700 just
because this one does have quite a good amount of
throat space here so I just wanted to be sure this all worked out okay okay here
we go notice I just have a lot of room on this
table here to keep moving the project around that’s all you got to do here it’s at this point that I screwed up big
time originally I’d plan to do this faux
binding where you take the backing I cut off an inch all the way around I was
going to fold in the edges make nice little mitered looking corners top
stitch and be done bright not so much not so fast while using applicators to
cut away the top and the rest of the batting I accidentally cut a hole in the
backing yes I really did that no apparently even applications could not
save me so I ended up having to do real binding which took up a lot more fabric
and I was a little bit bummed but it turned out looking okay the binding was
done all by machine because of course it saves time plus I wanted this item to be
more durable because I do think table runners probably get laundered fairly
often and I used Elmer’s washable school glue and clover wonder clips to really
help make the process go faster so here is the finished table runner I think it
looks beautiful and I’m really excited it’s going to be a belated Christmas
gift for somebody so here are some photos thank you so much for watching if you
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the Sewing Report if you are into sewing or making I’m Jennifer and I will see
you guys next time you