Quilted Jacket Guide & How To Buy One

Welcome back to the Gentleman’s Gazette! In
today’s video, I’m going to talk about quilted jackets. I’ll talk about different styles,
materials, history and what you have to look out for when you buy one. During fall and spring, one of the most popular
garments is the trench coat and we talked about it a few weeks back but if you want
something that is shorter and lighter in weight, you definitely have to check out the quilted
jacket. What exactly is quilt? Quilting means that you have two layers of fabric that are
held together by rows of stitches just like you can see here. It’s kind of a diamond pattern
and sometimes you have a third material between the layers which is called the padding material.
Oftentimes, it can be down like a down jacket or polyester or wool or basically, any other
kind of filling. Quilting became really popular in the 17th century but basically, it has
been around since the middle ages. Oftentimes, it was used as an under armor to make it more
comfortable for knights to wear it but more importantly, was also really desirable because
it was lightweight and insulating at the same time. A quilted jacket today has the same
characteristics; it’s lightweight, it is really insulating and it is waterproof when it’s
rained on. Technically, the advantage and insulating properties of quilted jackets come
from the trapped air chambers in between the quilting and that really helps to make you
feel warmer and insulate you better while you don’t add any weight. I’ve just been on
a trip for three and a half months and the quilted jacket was one of my best investments
simply because you can wear it at all times, it wasn’t heavy when we packed it on the plane
and I really loved it. So, who invented the quilted jacket as we know it today? It was
actually an American by the name of Steve Guylas and he was in the military and together
with this wife Edna, he moved to UK and he was inspired by horse blankets to keep horses
warm and so he created a jacket. First, it was actually a shooting jacket, it was rather
simple, was all made of polyester and polyamide and was cut very boxy but when he went to
his club and showed it, his friends liked it and so he thought about it and said, I’m
going to reduce this jacket on a larger scale. Initially, it came in only two colors, in
pale olive green and navy. So, if you want a very classic quilted jacket, these are the
first colors you should look at, Navy and pale green. Steve started his company and
named the company Husky because he loved Husky dogs which wasn’t really related to the jackets
but that’s what it came to be. Over time, he added more colors, he added the corduroy
collar, that you can see here and here. It has two angled patch pockets and as you can
see here, the reason they’re patch pockets is simply because it was easier to manufacture,
you just slap it on the outside rather than cutting something and adding from the inside
but this feature has just remained until today and it’s oftentimes very practical to have
big pockets when you’re hunting, fishing or when you do any other outdoor activity. It’s
also great if you just have a tablet, your keys or anything else that you need to carry
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that way, you will learn all about the different aspects of shoes, clothing and fine living
that we cover on the Gentleman’s Gazette. Let’s talk about the original Husky jacket,
the one you could see here is not an original jacket but it has basically the same features.
First of all, it was made of nylon with a hundred percent polyester. If you know, you
know that I usually don’t like this kind of artificial fibers but that’s what he started
out with between the 60s and the 70s, it was just popular and that’s what he had so that’s
the original and the one I’m wearing right now is also made out of artificial fibers
and it’s normal for these kinds of jackets. So, don’t shy away because of the material
composition. basically, it is a single breasted jacket, as you can see here. With five snap
buttons which are very sturdy, you can open them, close them and you also have the same
snap buttons on the back where we have two at the vent. Sometimes, you also see snap
buttons at the sleeve but they’re usually not there. It just helps to keep the sleeve
very narrow to prevent any wind from coming in. Basically, these are all the hallmarks
of the original jacket. Now, when it comes to sizing, usually, they’re cut a little roomier,
a little boxier and Italian made jackets tend to be a little slimmer than English made jackets
so always keep that in mind and try to figure out the measurements of your jacket rather
than the standard sizing, otherwise, you may get a cut that’s a little less flattering
or less roomy, depending on what your preference is. The goal is to have a decently fitting
jacket that is slightly shorter than the peacoat but longer than a jacket so you can wear it
over your tweed sportcoat or even a suit coat if you have to but generally, it’s more of
a country garment and therefore it’s great for everything casual, tweedy, rough wools
and that kind of stuff. As I mentioned before, to start with, colors of pale green olive
and navy are great but you can also get them in blue, in red, sometimes even orange. Personally,
I like brown very much because it’s easy to combine and a great fall/spring color. The
one you can see here is actually made of tweed, which is rather unusual and that’s the reason
why I really like it. So, houndstooth with tweed as a quilted jacket is not something
you find very easily but I think the look is great, it’s not as showerproof as the polyester
and polyamide versions but frankly, it has never let me down and I really enjoy wearing
it. So now you may wonder, what kind of quilted jacket should you buy and of course, you would
want to go with the original jacket but unfortunately, the Husky company was sold to an Italian company
so it’s no longer the original thing. You’ll find various jackets from hundreds of manufacturer’s
all over the world. Traditional ones are oftentimes the ones you find in England and there are
several brands, there are some from Italy, which have a more modern fit. You’ll also
find them in the US and if you head over to our guide about quilted jackets, I talk in
detail about different brands, different preferences, some for hunters, some for drivers, for everyday
use and I’m sure you’ll find exactly the quilted jacket you like. Just click here and head
over to see the full spectrum of quilted jackets that we recommend. The jacket I’m wearing
here right now is from Barbour and they have a range of jackets and so I would head over
there and check it out. The one that you can see here made of wool is from another British
company called Lavenham. I like them both very much, this one is very unique because
it has the green corduroy trim and the houndstooth tweed. The Barbour I’m wearing right now is
very easy to find everywhere. Price wise, you can actually find them new starting at
a hundred dollars. For more features, better materials, you spend about 250 – 300 of course,
that also depends on the brand you have but if you’re on a budget, you can try to find
them on eBay or second hand starting at maybe 20, 25 -30 dollars. Overall, great value for
what you get. Over time, sometimes the quilting may come off but frankly, that does not really
matter, it just gives your garment character and if it looks frumpy or anything, you’ll
just get a new one.