Quilt & Sewing Store Liquidation Sale

Hello my name is Cindy Richardson, I own the
Quilters Ranch in Tempe Arizona we are sewing and machine sales store. We have been in business
for 35 years, and when I made the decision that we needed to close the store down, I
wanted to make sure that it was a win win situation for all of us. For our customers,
my staff, the community because the sewers are a great community of people and we wanted
to keep that intact. So… I had thought about this for a while, it’s always a tough decision
when you make that decision to close your store I had received letters from GA right
since about when I bought this store about four years ago I am the third owner of the
quilters ranch and again I wanted to make sure that we ended the same way our relationship
always has been going forward with a good feel for our customers. I also wanted to give
my staff a little bit of time to figure out what they were going to do after we were done
here at the store. So the marketing with GA right seemed to fit the bill with all the
things that I was trying to do with the store. We were able to keep our margins up long enough
that when everything goes to the rock bottom sale at the end of the day then we’ve actually
made our inventory back. We also were able to keep like I said our staff working for
multiple weeks longer than they would have been if we just shut down and then the customers
had so much fun with the marketing plans that we had in line they came into the store almost
every day. The very first day we had lines down out front of our store and there was
a lot of excitement customers were just excited to come in see what was going to be new and
different and see what was going to be happening during our sale.
We had a lot of people wondering about when our last day was going to be and we just were
very consistent in telling them when everything sells is when we were going to be done. So
that helped keep their expectations up they were coming into the store very frequently
a couple of the promotions that we had had the customers lining up out front of our door
again and again so it really was a good win win situation for our customers our staff
had a lot of fun we got to see our regular customers we got to meet new friends and I
don’t think anybody’s going to forget the Quilters ranch anytime soon because we
did take it out the best way that we could with the Ga Wright helping us with this final
sale. Another thing that the Ga Wright program helped
us do was to have that sense of urgency for the customers to buy what they thinking about
buying on the trip that they were there instead of putting it off until tomorrow or next week
hoping for a bigger discount. Because with as many people coming into the store as we
had they could tell it wasn’t going to be there next week if they waited. So that was
great having those sales everyday customers coming in every day having a lot of fun greeting
us and we did a lot of fun events for the store. So my recommendation if you are considering
this I know its a tough decision closing a store no matter if you’ve had it for 35
years or two years you want to sell your inventory you want your customers to have a good experience
you want your staff to have a lot of fun going out because they had a lot of fun when they
were working for you. So the GA wright is a very good way to go it strings the timeframe
a little bit it has your customers come in and visit you often and it sells your product
and that is your bottom line. So looking back at what we’ve done here the last few weeks
with our closing sale I would definitely recommend GA wright to anybody that asks me it’s like
I said a win win situation you get your return on your investment your customers are happy
your staff has more time in is having fun while your closing the store instead of the
other way that things could go with a closing sale. So my recommendation definitely is to
use GA wright. It was a good win win situation for all of us.