Quilt Label Panels

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my name is Laura. And one of the hardest parts about making a quilt is remembering the label. Labeling your quilt is very important, but I think it’s hard to do because we run out of steam, we run out of time, or we’ve just not thought about it until it’s a little late and we really want to get that binding done. Well, there is a way to get a lot of labels pre-made even before you even thought of the quilt. It’s definitely nice if we can have someone help us make the labels. Well, you can buy fabric that has the labels preprinted on them, so all you need to do is fill out your name, the date, and the person it’s going to. This particular panel is called Small Talk and it’s from Studio E. I like it because it’s all black and white so it’ll go with any quilt. The idea is that you’re going to take these and cut them out as you need them and put them on the back of the quilt. Well, I say let’s do them all at the same time and they’re ready even before we’ve made the quilt. I like to use a lightweight stabilizer. This one is from Fairfield and it has a fusible back, but it is very lightweight so it’s going to make the fabric nice and stabilized but it’s not going to stiffen it up. And when you buy it nice and big like this you are going to be able to iron it right onto the back of the fabric and that fabric is going to be stabilized. I do the entire piece. It’s a lot easier than cutting out little pieces of the stabilizer and putting them on. You just do the whole piece at the same time. Now you’re going to be able to fill in some of the information even before you know what quilt you’re going to make. You know who you are and you know who it’s going to come from. It could be “Love, Mom” “From your Auntie” “From your friend”—however you labeled your quilt. You can pre-do a lot of these squares in advance. I’m going to put my name or my company and I can fill out a lot of them right at the same time. You can use a permanent marker and fill them out, or if you have a machine that does the script or any type of an alphabet, this is the time to do it. Because you’ve stabilized the back, you’re going to be able to just sit down at the machine and fill in all of these spots. The first thing I do is take scrap fabric and stabilize the back just the same as I would have this piece. I set up my machine and I get ready to put my name on it. Once I know that I have the name exactly the way I want it, I’m able to put it right on the fabric. And I could do more than one square at a time. By pre-testing it you also know the size of it, so you’re going to be able to take it and fold it and you’ll know exactly where it’s going to fit in your label. Then you’re going to be able to fill in a pile of these. Change your machine to a different thread or different words—”Love, Mom”—and again you’re going to be able to test it and fill in more spots. Now I know you can’t put the date or whom it’s to, but this is still a good start. So I can fill in some of the information ‘way ahead of the game. When they’re all done I can take it to the iron and press it so all of that embroidery is nice and flat. The next thing is going to be cutting them all out. Now if there are some that you do not want to fill in until you have the quilt made, it’s fine. You can still do it this way. The backs are already stabilized and ready to go, so just cut them out. When they’re all cut out I like to take two sides and press it in a quarter inch. I do have a piece of metal to make hems. You have some straight sides and this goes right to the iron so you’re able to put it down on the fabric and just with the iron fold back that quarter inch and press it. You can press right on top of this. So you’ll do one side and then the second. You’ll do that to the whole stack. The only thing left to do is put whom they’re for and your date. You can pre-stitch the two corners down before you put your binding on. You can even put it on after the binding’s been done. You will just be able to just follow that stitching line and stitch the two corners down, so as you’re sewing on the binding it will cover the raw seams, and all you will have left to do is hand-stitch the remaining two sides down. You have a whole lot of squares to choose from. This is a great friendship project. If you have a bunch of friends that you sew with, everyone can buy a different panel. You can set up your machines and everyone can change label, and by the time you’re done you’re going to have a stack of all different kinds of labels with all different signatures on them: Love mom, From you, From the family—whatever you want to put. Within an afternoon you can have a whole pile of labels ready to go, so when we do need to label that quilt, most of the work has already been done. Thank you for joining me today on Tuesday’s Tips from SewVeryEasy. Feel free to subscribe and, as always, come on back. Let’s see what we’re sewing next time
in the sewing room. Bye for now!