Quilt as you go: Cómo acolchar sobre la marcha en Patchwork [Tutorial]

hello, today we’re gouing to make the “Quilt as you go” technique or Quilt “gou-you-gou”… so… ok
I don’t know how to say it, that’s evident (the technique)
consists of making a small tablecloth simultaneously quilting, this is to say,
quilting while going on that would be the literal translation
I have no idea but this is the final result of what we are going to get we are going to mix the Lagartera’s
embroidery technique with Patchwork so, what I’ve done is recycling some napkins which… I had these napkins which… whenever
I set a tablecloth with the afternoon snack I never set napkins, to be honest That’s what everyone does
I never set cloth napkins, I mean I set paper napkins
so I did cut… I am a bit sorry, it must be said,
but I did cut some napkins, just look at them,
I really love these ones, gray and salmon I have these two for tableclothes and
these tiny ones from other napkins well, so, we are going to start, ok? I’ve cut a piece of cloth into 40 cm x 30 cm
(15.75″ x 11.8″) for the back side
a wadding piece of 22 cm x 33 cm
(8.66″ x 12.99″) and now, the Lagartera’s embroidment’s
size is 7 cm x 7 cm (2.75″ x 2.75″) I cut a bit… ok, you have realized that
I don’t bother about these things which were for decoration
because later, with the seams, they are going to dissapear and I don’t bother
to cut them, so I take different fabric straps well… I don’t know what their sizes are 4 cm (1.57″), 3 cm (1.18″), 5 (1.96″), 6 (2.36”) …
each one is different I present them, roughly
It doesn’t take too much time I put them like this and now we are going
to take them to the sewing machine previously we put a little pin, like this and we go to the sewing machine
ok, we’re back we’re going to remove these threads
which are very annoying and now we can see how it’s going
let’s see… now we open it, open wide and we iron it a bit we iron it and we put the next one well, we already have gone to the machine
and we have stitched this wow, by the way, this has been…
ah, no, it’s ok, it’s ok we remove the… well, we should really not remove the threads now I realize wrong, I got it wrong
the “in real time” problems what I’m going to do now is to use my brandnew
little iron, which a present from the Magi (3 Wise Men) look at it, how cute it’s so small, but it irons marvelous it works on everthing
look how cute it looks like We are going to continue putting clothes (…) how to continue They look a little too wide but, well…
what we really want is to know the technique,
we can repeat it more carefully later you can see it, I put the pins again
very important, very important, you know, always upside down and,
I didn’t show you, but we are doing the backside simultaneously
now it’s full of threads we should pass these threads to the front
and make little knots which I did cut before… wrong
no, don’t do that, you should pass them… with a tapestry needle, a big one and make a little knot which is on the front and it’s not visible
when we cover it with other clothes let’s go to the sewing machine ok, we’re going to continue with this…
with the Quilt As You Go, “as Goh You” or whatever yoghurt no, but almost everything else then we are going to iron a little bit
again, a little bit, we iron it it looks great, how cute my iron is
lololololo now, to make the video shorter we are going to pass a single thread behind because we should make this before finishing oh, how bad I see…. this is wrong we should pass this through here
we are going to pass this through here and what we do is… we should do… with a couple of knots is enough
a couple of knot we take the scissors
the cute ones with the stork and you’re ready well, we’re going to finish this
and then come back with the rest, ok? see you well, we have sewn to the end if you can see it… there is a peace
on each side in both corners which is not entirely cover
but don’t worry because it will be covered later
when we do the hem so we don’t worry
we don’t need to add more clothes here what we need to do… mmh
I think I’m covering it I don’t know if I’m covering it we need to even things with the scissors can you see it? I like… let’s see if I don’t cover it
well, like this, more or less, we even it we already have made a strip
now we are going to … we are going to put strips
now with less work we don’t want to work so much
let’s see how this strip would look I think it looks pretty
it’s very pleasant then we present and present, ok then what we do is put here some pins I think I’m covering all with the arm but I don’t know how to do it like this, ok this is the top one and we do the same with the bottom one I think we are going to do it later we’re taking it to the machine
we do it on the fly no I show you how it looks, ok?
ok, so we have put here and here we should keep evening things to make it… to finish the work, like this
we are going to cut there is no choice, with the scissors
we cannot use the cutter here no matter how much we like it
because we cannot ruin the backside well, we go on and on now let’s see the backside how it looks right now well, it has a lot of threads because we didn’t pass them but… can you see that with the Quilt as You Go
the cushioning is simultaneous? and it looks great on the fly?
well, it has some… it isn’t perfect but fair enough now we’re going to put other strips for example, this one
we will keep it simple because what we whant is to know the technique
we’re going to put one here, another at the bottom and we can fill with a red clothe
I like how it looks we’re going to finish it and see the result well, we’re finishing we’ve put all the strips in paralell
to avoid complications he have put the same above and below
can you see it? I also need a little triangle here don’t worry
it’s important to even it because we will see
the better the top side, the easier our job will be we already have this finished
now, we’re going to leave 2 cm (0.79″) all around to bend it inside
we measure 2 cm with the ruler and… well, I assume you know how to do this step
to bend, to bend and here, hold it we bend, we bend and we hold it the corners are a little bit trickier but not so much
we fold it I don’t know if you can see it well
we fold it again here, one, two and look how great it looks I don’t know if you can see it
we should cut this piece let’s see how it looks when finished
look the frontside and the back we have finished this individual tableclothe,
mug-rug, snack tableclothe whatever we want, with the Quilt as You Go
techinique, or “Go You”, or “Yo Gu” and/or quilting on the fly Patchwork + Lagartera now it’s time to say goodby
see you next video