QBT 24 Shirley’s Quilts & Wovens Making the Quilt Blocks

Making the quilt blocks, I think there
were five coats of primer, and then three coats of each color combination and a
lot of grafting, and a lot of erasing and design, and now we have four up and a
fifth one in works. I’m guilty of going through magazines, honestly don’t pay
much attention to what the designs are called. And if I like them I either make
them here or paint them out there. My favorite is the Dresden plate which is
over the main entrance, and that’s very close to my heart because that was the
first quilt that I ever made with my grandmother. And that was when I was 16
years old so that was a long time ago. And that one was all hand-cut, hand-pieced,
and hand appliquéd, and then hand quilted. We have people that come traveling
through and they’ll stop and they ask about the quilt blocks that are on the
building here, and I tell them about the fact that just going up the road and
around within a seven or eight mile radius, there’s probably a dozen other
quilt blocks that they can find. So they end up usually getting a map and doing a
tour, and they say what a wonderful time they’ve had, and they can’t believe the
awesome views in Schoharie County.