Puff Sleeves Cutting And Stitching | Easy Method | DIY – Tailoring With Usha

hello friends, today m going to teach you cutting and stitching of puff sleeves we can make many types of puff sleeves but in this video m making simple top puff sleeves and keep lower sleeve round simple the measurement is like this length of sleeves 15 inch half circumference of wrist hole 4.75 inch this is our top which we stitched and now we make puff sleeves from this cloth the length is 15 inch and we add 3 inch more for sewing seam i.e 18 inch and in width take cloth equal to shoulder length + 1 inch and after that remaining cloth for puff making (3 to 5 inch) shoulder length is 6.5+1=7.5 inch and remaining 3.5 inch cloth is for making puff for normal sleeves, we take 2.5 to 4 inch from open side but in puff sleeves the range is 5 to 7 inch, m marking at 5 inch for curving now mark 1 inch at inner side of 7.5 inch and and do the curving like this and do the curving of front sleeves also now at opposite side take half of wrist hole + 1 inch from closed side i.e 4/75 +1=5.75 inch, mark it and join the two marks in slant manner like this cutting is done like this now open it in two layers and do the front sleeve cutting now for stitching of puff sleeves, leave 1 inch(sewing seam) from both sides and do temporary stitching and after that accumulate all the bulges at the centre but before inserting bulges at centre, we simple double fold the cloth at opposite side and sew it like this now we stretch one thread from one side and accumulate bulges at centre insert half-half of bulges from both sides of sleeves top it must be equal to shoulder +2 inch from centre on both sides i.e 6.5+2=8.5 inch because when we attach it to top/kurti then we insert one extra pleat on both sides like this to give a fluffy look by this all the bulges accumulate at centre making fluffy puff this comes 8.5 inch as required from centre to either ends now we do permanent sewing on it so that bulges do not get separate from each other, after this i’l proceed further now fold it to wrong side and take required measurement at wrist hole and 1 inch at upper sleeve part then sew it in slant manner then top/kurti wrong side and sleeve to right side and take sleeve inside it from neck part, make sure leaf curve come with front part of top/kurti and now match both sewing line(fitting line of kurti and sewing line of sleeves) and sew it in round manner when coming to centre i’l teach you how to sew it there while at centre, fold the extra cloth beneath the bulges and sew it now match it from other side also and take extra cloth beneath the bulges in opposite manner to the first this is our one ready puff sleeve and do the same on the other sleeve, and after completing it i’l upload a pic of it in next video i’l teach you a new cutting/stitching in a simple way..thank you 🙂