Popular Patchwork – Meet the Subscribers!

My name is Jayne Bailey-Jones, I’ve been a subscriber to Popular Patchwork now for probably coming up for three years. I haven’t done a lot of patchworking over the last two years though because I’ve been in hospital and had a bone marrow transplant, but I’m on the road to recovery now and that’s why I’m here today and I’m really going to enjoy buying fabrics so I can make some wonderful quilts. My top 5 things about quilting? The peace and quiet because no one else in the house likes to do it, so I get left on my own the fabric, the feel and smell of fabric is absolutely gorgeous doing something that’s going to last forever, we don’t but hopefully that will last a lot longer, I got to 3, can I get to 5? It’s the fact that nobody else has done it, as in lots of people do it and it’s the family atmosphere on the forum and well, that’s really good what I do is unique to me, I can copy a pattern but it’s still different to me. I did try other magazines, but I found that they were too technical, and that sounds absolutely awful, but as a beginner that almost put me off and that’s why I like Popular Patchwork because they were very friendly, the forums fantastic you can ask any question and somebody somewhere will know the answer and if they don’t they know a lady who will. Ok. My name is Irene and I started quilting quite a few years ago in the nineties with a group that wanted to make a special quilt, I had no knowledge of patchwork but I did sew, so I had to learn how to do patchwork and in this process I joined the forum, The Popular Patchwork forum and I’ve learnt so much there from all the different styles and methods and techniques it’s brilliant, Oh I love all the different projects, the newsy bits , I like to see what people are doing as well with the show-and-tell, really, really good, and also what shows are coming up. Oh My goodness me, I’ve liked most of it that I’ve seen, I’ve done several workshops, and have enjoyed them, Pat Archibald was a very good workshop. For patchwork news and techniques subscribe to Popular Patchwork on YouTube.