Popular Patchwork – Meet The New Editor!

My name is Elizabeth Betts and I’m the new
editor of Popular Patchwork magazine. Being the new editor one of the first things
I’m most looking forward to is finding out more about the current subscribers and the
current readers and what they’re quilting likes and dislikes are and just about them,
about why they quilt. I’ve been quilting for about 13 years and
for 5 years I had a small quilt studio in Brighton called Quilty pleasures, and I teach
and I write and I do lots and lots of quilty things! So when I was seven I can remember being asked
at school what I wanted to do when I was older and amongst all the other children saying
things like nurse and fireman I said I wanted to be a fashion designer and it come out the
blue really. I bought some fabric on eBay that was advertised as quilting fabric, I
now know it was stretch cotton so wasn’t the easiest thing to try making a quilt out
of, and I made a very simple patchwork bag and something just clicked it was amazing
putting together pattern, colour, Print, fabric, stitch it was just like this magical experience
of putting all the things I love together and making something that just resonated with
me. For patchwork news and techniques subscribe
to Popular Patchwork on YouTube.