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Hi! My name is Mathie from Easy Painting for You Today we are going to paint this cute dish step by step first of all I want to tell you that I painted this plate many years ago that’s why I’m going to paint now in a cardboard the design so you can apply this technique to any project The colors that we are going to use are: moss green, iron oxide red, cadmium yellow, brown and black you can find all these colors in our “Color Recipes For You” (free download in our web) The first thing we do is to divide the work area into rectangles resembling pieces of fabric that make up a patchwork In each area we will apply a color of painting giving a layer or more until the base is completely covered Now we will begin work on the details With a liner and black paint we are going to draw likes stitchings on red areas. In the blue ones we will draw tiny spots in groups with the brush stick. For each piece of fabric we´ll go to design with the brush stick groups of dots to make different designs. Now with black paint and the liner brush let’s make some stitching as if they were pieces of fabric sewn with each other little by little will have a patchwork drawn the stitching around all the pieces of fabric it´ll seems more realistic now let’s make some shadows with brown paint with foating gel we have to do is double load the brush with the gel and brown paint we will highlight all the edges of each piece of fabric it is important that we mark all the contours on the inside of each piece of cloth this will give much realism to the patchwork… When the gel is dried it loses the glaze that we are seeing now in the the red patches then the whole will be much more natural in my case I have painted this project in a cardboard so it is very easy to apply for any painting project you want The project looks slightly aged. I don´t know you but I love it like that!! Once finished, let it dry then apply 2 or 3 layers of water-based varnish or polyurethane one allowed to dry very well between layer and layer I hope you enjoyed this work and see you soon in Easy Painting For You