Pattern Review Weekly – Rainbow Swirl mini Quilt Review – 10.09.18

hi and welcome to Darvanalee Desings Studio my name is Nicole Reed and this is pattern review weekly so today I am talking about down the gray fine line rainbow swirl mini quilt it was the quilt that I did in my finish up Friday last week and I just wanted to show you what you actually get for your money for these $6 cards so that’s what I charge for these in in my Etsy store and basically what happens is you get this card it doesn’t come in any sort of wrapping or anything like that it is just basically a patterned card so this particular one as you can see it’s got the the picture of it on the front it tells you what it is and then when it opens up it’s got some very basic instructions on how to do your high square triangles and what fabrics you need and all that sort of stuff and it also has a diagram of how you need to lay it out as well on the back of the card it tells you what you need for the pattern and as I said it does go into some depth how to assemble your high square triangles and there’s many of them there are having a look there’s quite a few it doesn’t actually say how many they are but you need a few to do this one so the size of the pattern ends up being 23 and a half inches square which is a good size it tells you everything that you need including your binding backing fabric and your batting that you will need um yeah it’s a very simple pattern six dollars in my Etsy store unfortunately I sold out on Friday and so I have more but I have ordered more and they are coming back to my store probably within the next four or five days so if you do happen to head over to our Eddy store just hit the favorite button and that way when I loaded up you’ll actually get a notification that I’ve added something new to the store so as you can see I’ve made it in the back here and it’s it’s a lovely little pattern to do so if you liked this video today give us a thumbs up down below hit the subscribe button and a little bell icon beside it and that way you won’t miss out on any future posts my name’s Nicole Reed for Darvanalee designs Studio and these is pattern review weekly see you all again next week bye for now