Pattern Review Weekly – Just Sew Happy Mini Quilt – By Tied with a Ribbon

hi and welcome to the Darvanalee Designs Studio my name’s Nicole Reed and today we’re doing a pattern review we’ve tied
with a ribbon just so happy it’s a mini quilt pattern so we’re gonna have a good
look at what what you get for your money so I sell these patterns in my store as
a hard copy as you can see here and they are $15 so first and foremost I would
just like to say that I have not got any affiliation we’re tied with the ribbon
this is an independent review that I’m doing just to show you what you get for
your money so first of all it comes in a little plastic sleeve and I’ve just
taken it out off-camera you get I covered picture a colored picture of the
cover it tells you what you need on the back it also inside also sorry on the
back it tells you where you can find tied with a ribbon and it gives you her
website it also gives you her Facebook Pinterest and Instagram so that’s good
you can always find out where you need to be on social media so you in your
packet you get a cover page which tells you how big the quilt is and it’s 21
inches by 21 inches or 53 centimeters by 53 centimeters it tells you that you
need to have a quarter inch seam allowance and to read all the
instructions before starting it tells you that the fabric requirements are
based on our width of the fabric so 42 inches or 110 centimeters
it’s from 2016 so it’s a couple years old this pattern but it’s still one of
my favorites over the page it actually gives you a list of everything that you
need the cutting instructions how to cut the binding and then step-by-step
instructions of how to do it all okay so that’s that one as the seller gives you
the cover the cover note and then it just gives you a pattern layout and the
instructions continue on from there so there are four pages of instructions
altogether and it’s a nice easy pattern for beginners for someone that
wanted to get into machine applique or even hand up okay
it is rorish so it’s not something that you do with needle turn although you
could do it needle turn you would just have to add your quarter-inch extra onto
it so you could do that you get all the sheets that you can trace off your
pattern pieces as well so all the bits and pieces that you need so you’ve got
all your scissors your cotton real buttons and the flowers and then on this
one here if you’ve got you’re just so happy so it’s reversed for you so you
don’t have to stress about that that makes it nice and easy to put that trace
the applique out and put that on and it’s also you notice here that you’ve
also got a quarter circle so this is so you can get the circle out light and
generally what I do with this is I just trace that onto a piece of paper fold it
in quarters and then I just kind of cut around that that edge there and that
makes it nice and easy so you get butchers paper or something along those
lines and that’s what I usually do so this particular pattern for your 15
dollars I think you’re getting very much value for money it’s as I said it’s a
very easy pattern to follow along with not many steps at all there’s only six
or seven steps altogether so seven routing is however you want to do that
and the only thing that it doesn’t really give an in-depth so for the
beginner it doesn’t really give an in-depth way to finish the quilt off it
just like with the binding press them in one direction so if you hadn’t done
binding binding before or mitered corners before in this fashion then you
might have a little bit of a problem with it but that is probably the only
fault that I can find with it other than that it is a pretty simple pattern and
any beginner could give it a go so if you can cut out shapes you can
definitely do this and in my finish up Friday this week
because I’ve had a couple of weeks to work on this and I haven’t been able to
get to it with retreats and everything like that so in the finish at Friday
video coming out this Friday this will actually be finished and I will show you
what how I’m going to do it so I’ll take a little bit of extra footage to add to
the end of it so you can see this getting done as I go so basically what I
want to do with this one is actually just use a darker thread so like a black
just to make it stand out a little bit more and then to quilt it I’m just going
to actually stipple this all over and then I’ll get the binding on it and I’ll
probably do it by machine because that’ll speed up the process even though
that’s not my favorite way to do it but I will definitely show you a finished
project at the end of the week but today I just thought I’d share with you what
you get for your money and I absolutely love this pattern I could possibly make
this pattern all the time and just I’d love to give it away for friends and
stuff like that so it’s a very simple simplistic one to do if you like this
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my name is Nicole Reed for Darvanalee Designs studio and this is pattern review
weekly so you will again next week everybody bye for now