Patchwork Staccato [BNHA] Rough animatic

Our time together, so covered in patchworks Shall we soon put an end to it? Cutting this thread to shreds, It’ll scatter about in multiple colors, right? Hey You see, those words from back then, That useless time we piled up together and just by tearing this thread to shreds, It’s uneven, it’s laughable, right? Tick tack, tick tack Let’s draw a circle, Ding dong, ding dong and play Tick tack, tick tack Conecting and releasing Ding dong, ding dong I’ll we see you later The frayed thread whispers You, I’d really rather you just stop existing If it continues unchanged like this It probably surely, surely won’t end up that way It’ll just get a little trivial Hey, can I, can I throw it all away? If it continues unnoticed like that maybe I’ll keep on liking you, I wonder if it’ll hurt, just a little… That is why… That is why, I’d really rather you just stop existing It’s continuing unchanged like this, after all, so it probably surely, surely, won’t be that way Even though it’ll be a little lonely Hey, can I, can I, can I throw it all away? You haven’t noticed? If you still haven’t realized, … then right, ok, then from the beginning… “the one I loved was myself alone” Tick tack, tick tack