Patchwork Puzzle Decke kleine Rechtecke 12.Flicken

Today I have a pattern for you that is small rectangles This pattern consists of 4 rows that’s what it looks like from the back the number of stitches is divisible by three plus 2 I am making a border stitch here on both sides first row an edge stitch the first two are left-hand stitches we take off the next one We leave the thread behind the stitch now come again 2 left stitches and take off again We’ll do it the whole series in alternation and the last one is a right-hander we turn around the second row the edge stitch the next two are right-hand stitches now comes the stitch where the thread ran behind and here we leave the thread before work and take off the stitch the next two are right-hand stitches again and now we lift the one again alternately So always 2 right stitches and one take off on this side are 2 threads on top of each other the last one is back on the right track now comes the third round Here you can see that one stitch is always a right stitch the third row are just right stitches the first is an edge stitch and now knit the whole row only right stitches also knit the off right now comes the 4th row and there we only knit left stitches the whole series These are the 4 rows that we always repeat have fun with this pattern little rectangles