Patchwork Productionz Trailer

If you are trying to learn or struggling to learn how to crochet, you came to the right
place. My name is Stitch, and this is Patchwork Productionz,
everything crochet — with a twist. Whether you are just starting or struggling
to continue, these videos with make it all plain and simple. You will learn many of the
things I did not know when I first started and get basic project ideas, giving you that
feeling of success and satisfaction with some inspiration.
Look, I know the struggle. I am a self-taught eh, crocheter, eh, crochetist, I taught myself to
crochet and I am a guy. There were things I did not know, plenty of mistakes made, and
I am still learning. As I continue to learn and share what I know, you get to take the
shortcut — with a little stop-motion entertainment. Donít worry, anyone can learn how to crochet
if given the right resources, even guys! (Listen closely men, crochet is a great ehh,
“hook” for the girls — pun intended.) Yours truly will be the voice and image of
many of the crochet tutorials, tips, and trick. And thatís not all, because this channel
is full of surprises! So, make sure you subscribe and ring the notification
bell so you can tune in to my weekly content. Catch ya later.