Patchwork Pals Theme Song Guitar Lesson-How to Play Patchwork Pals Theme on Guitar

hello my name is Greg Michael and I am
going to teach you today how to play the theme song from ‘Patchwork Pals.’ This is
the favorite show of my son who is just 15 months old so I prepared for you two
versions of the song the easy one that is not not actually easy and the
advanced way that actually is easy on your fingers so it’s kind of confusing
but the way I’d play it was the advanced way in terms of course that we apply
because those chords are more advanced in a few years so some not many
beginners know them but I highly recommend learning that way because it’s
gonna advance your play and it’s going to sound more like the real thing
because this song was originally recorded on a ukulele
ok so first things first I am going to show you this verse that I just played
and if you wanna try this other version that is going to based on the course
that will probably not mean open chords then it’s going to be later in the video
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Patrick Pal said the advanced version in terms of course are created a song sheet
that would be available on my website and and as well as the song sheet with
Larry Tiana you cannot get the chords in the quad sheet so so you know feel free
to just go to my website and download of the so here we are with this song
Patrick Pass it goes like that I started with for this court that looks like D
major but in fact this G major so G major
chords that looks like D major so you have what you have to do you have to
basically grab this shade which is D major that you my nose and move it up to
the fret number eight and I’m referring here as a friend age to two finger
number three so basically move knowing that this is
the reference finger move to think at the fret number eight on the second
string that’s your G major chord that sounds very much like the ukulele sound
from the theme song so they do it two three times free bass and you kind of
come then the singing begins I don’t kind of
sing you know so you know I’m really sorry maybe I’m gonna have later so so
damn what do we do we play g-major one more time and we grab this court which
is e 7 and e 7 looks like this I’ll tell you whoa how how to kind of find a seven
in this position if you know this chord which is a major you probably might know
discord which is a seven so you put this pinkie down here if you move it up here
you know to the fret number nine I’m referring here to to all those three
fingers I’m using on one fret now the problem is that this is not very
comfortable fingering so I suggest that you bar first finger across the fret
number nine the second finger on the first string fret to turn that’s there
court number basically to cause the measure that sort of thing the next
thing to do is to play the chord that looks like this and now on the advanced the sheet that I
created for you I call it C major but on the beginner kind of version I call it a
minor and then it just because C major doesn’t sound as good as a minor when
are you going to play open chords so that’s the only reason
so this court know C major you are aspiring to know so we just take four
strings of this thing so quickly the first finger is a fret number eight of a
string wanting to then the second finger is on
nine swing free and the third finger is on tenth fret on the 3rd fret of string
four and this is quite nice and useful shred because you’re gonna use it for
the next course that is coming up so so far we have so that’s the full bar of C major or a
minor depending on which version you use after that you go for one bar of D major
which is just slightly dis it’s like in this shape two frets higher so that’s
nice and easy same shape one bar after that one bar
where you play and then go back to G major so together from the beginning it
would go okay I think i’ma stop so dude one more
time I’ll do it one more time card that’s the
famous cart moment so just the best – the intro so the next thing is C major followed by B minor so B minor this is
how I grab it it came – shame we all we only need we
only need to read first thing you to carve the strings 107 and then to put
down we need to put down the third finger on fret number and nine they have
it so you go back to e7 then you go to see major again and we’d
caught that is next is a C sharp diminished and you go free for so
together how to grab the diminished chord fingers one and two they’ll be
pressing frets eight of the strength a four and strength to your pinky and your
ring finger would be on strength something case of string one and ring
finger is on string 4 fret 9 unresolved but it sounds great in the context nicely resolves then we strap c-major
this is where we say hello good morning so that’s the opening of the song I’ll
play it one more time okay so this was the advanced chords
chords way of playing this song that will probably involve you learning those
shapes and taking a bit of time but it’s worth it because it will sound great
oh if you just want to played right away we could do the simplified version and
I’m going to do it now and this is the beginner version of this song so the first three bars are the intro
salmon’s before you can refer to the code sheet that is available on my
website so G major so free free bars of G followed by G to e7 there’s one thing
I want to say to make it easy on the last upstroke of each chord I actually
take my hand of the fret board and play this kind of girl
I call it blank strong transition this is the strum that allows me to to change
smoothly to the next chord so I go so you know as you can see it kind of
makes things a little bit easier such a major your favorite see shop so I’m assuming that you kind of know
already open cause but even though they’ll quickly run through them so
g-major those two fingers go down this is second
finger that goes on fret number three string six fast finger on fret 2 string
5 then fingers praying for go on strings 1 and 2 and Fred sighing ah you know
this is the third fret obviously major 7 looks like that you grab normally major
chord I think it’s 2 & 3 on frets – of string 5 & 4 first finger on the fret 1
off string G and then at the pinky goes on fret 3 string 2 I’m taking off by grabbing your email
image and releasing their third finger but I don’t think it sounds very good in
this in this context so I reckon amano looks kind of like a major just
one a one string down towards the floor sorry mother the next thing is is the
major so to grab the major those two fingers they go on frets to of strength
three and two and the ring finger goes in the middle on string number I’m sorry
I think I got mixed up so DiMaggio is first finger on string 3 fret 2 and
string 1 fret 2 and now we are in finger goes on free string to have to do as a
teacher so listen so that’s it go then we go to called C major those two
fingers they go on fret 3 of string 5 and 2 of string 4 and you place your
first finger on the first fret of the string
2 okay then your favorite b-minor the
barcode that you might know am I not know came for reason from a minor shape
you just slide it up but to replace fingers so you free up your first finger
to place the bar so so this is kind of a minor shape slide it up two frets and
place the bike across the second fret touch strings 5 and then one only
whatever is in the middle doesn’t matter because you you’re ready press it with
your other fingers followed by e 7 that we will write first followed by this C
sharp diminished chord so the best way to approach it is a gas you know fingers
that the middle two fingers go here diagonally as you can see this is a
second finger that goes on a string 5 fret for the ring finger goes on fret 5
of the string for noisy now the first finger goes on the fret number 3
strength free it kind of look like new Monaco’s to me okay and then what you do
you have to add your pinky on Fred number 5 of string to the 6th string so
the only string so that the year use all straight all the only cause that use all
strings are chords the rest is just five strings okay so
what can I say you know this was just my way of going through its own hopefully
it’s you find it kind of entertaining or if not entertaining it is no educational download told all the materials just to
make it easy for yourself and have fun because it’s a really cool shoot and
it’s really cool to play for your kids okay take it easy see you next time and
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