Patchwork Card – Altenew Crafty Friends Hop!

Hi it’s Therese from Lostinpaper and
I’m going to be making a patchwork card today and I’m using this simple fruits
stamp set from Altenew and this is part of the crafty friends blog hop so
heaps of prizes and lots of Giveaways and lots of discounts and stuff I’ve got
all that linked at my blog so head through the description below and you
can find the links to all of that as well as hop along to the other
participants in the hop. I decided to make a patchwork card because this is a
crafty friends blog hop and I have a lady that I’ve worked with for many many
years who’s just retired and she’s a patch working hero of mine and very
crafty she is one of those people that can pick up any craft and
just make it work and create the most beautiful things so
she’s particularly fond of patchwork so I thought it’d be really nice to make
her a retirement card in a patchwork style so and I thought it’d be fun to
sort of make a little bit more modern so what I’ve done here is cut six squares
and these are four centimetres and I’ve chosen some nice bright colors from the
altenew range and I will have all those colors linked at my blog as well.
And I’m just making them look like little pieces of patchwork fabric so making
sure that I’m stamping off the side and stamping they’re quite large images
these ones so I only really managed to get two stamps of each image I initially
was thinking like I used the greens and the oranges and I was tossing up whether
to go for the Reds or the purples but I think if you look at the color wheel the
purple sort of goes with those colors a little bit better so that’s why I used a
couple of the newer Purple’s the hydrangea and the ultraviolet and I
think they looked really pretty so I thought I’d make this a nice bold quilt
so I have a black a jet black cardstock background that I’m attaching to the
front of my top fold card and then the sentiment today comes from the crafty
life stamp set and I’ve just stamped that in black ink on a piece of white
card and I did rip the end of that just to
make it a little bit more rustic you see it’s a little bit different card design
for me today I stamped out this cute little pair of scissors from the
beautiful you stamp set and this is fussy cutting in real time when you’re
fussy cutting it’s important to cut the pieces that are going to be like the
really sort of the intricate part of the image first so it would be very
difficult to come back in and try and cut between the scissors ends after I’d
cut around the whole thing cuz I have nothing to hold on to so if you’ve got
an intricate portion of the image cut that piece out first and of course
rotate your paper rather than your scissors and I sort of tend to look
ahead of where I’m going to cut and I find that keeps me on track….
mostly… sometimes I’ll get a bit close that’s where the dies are nice, well I
don’t have the matching dies for this set I am adding some stitch lines I
rarely do this on cards but I just thought it went really well with the
patchwork theme I did think about not doing it I just think it does make it
more earthy more patchworky but while I was actually drawing on this pair
image I had an epiphany, as you do, and I thought maybe I could,
because I was thing about doing like a swirl of cotton, but I thought it’d be
even more fun to actually make it look like this is a patchwork in progress so
what I decided to do was get a piece of and then this isn’t cotton because I
couldn’t find my cotton I think I’ve used it here before and I’ve got it
somewhere safe so I couldn’t find my black cotton so what I’ve got here is a
piece of this is a DMC embroidery thread and it’s just one piece of the strand
it comes with five strands and I’ve actually removed one piece and I’m just
sewing that through so it’s got two loose ends on this piece of and I’m
saying this in inverted commas because you can’t see me
with my fingers ‘piece of fabric’ and then I just thought this just added a little
something extra I made this a little bit more personal I didn’t actually add any
stitching lines to the kiwifruit panel because I thought well that one hasn’t
been done yet I did pop up all these little panels on the front of my card
I’ve used it’s only one millimeter thick so it’s a really thin foam they’re
really thin foam dots so they don’t actually sit up very much at all but
just enough to give it a little bit of dimension and then I added my sentiment
with a couple of layers of those foam dots so that actually sits a little bit
higher and then all that’s left to do is add my scissors I initially colored
these in sort of our orange didn’t like that came back with the gray didn’t like
that and in the end I’ve actually colored it with the black artist marker
and that’s a good thing about the alcohol markers is you can kind of
change it up if you want you can color at the top and I made sure that the pair
of scissors was cutting that piece of thread and that’s my finished card for
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see you next time till then, Happy papercrafting bye