Patchwork: A Level One Staff Pick

Hey guys, my name is Emma and I’m one of
the Game Gurus here at The Loft and Level One. Today I’m gonna be talking to you
about an awesome two-player game called Patchwork. In Patchwork, players are
competing to build the best possible quilt by using patches of various sizes
and colors. On your turn, you can choose to either buy a patch, by paying the
costs on the price tag and moving that many spaces forward, or you can choose to
pass, by moving one space directly in front of the other player and collecting
as many buttons as spaces you move forward. At the end of the game, when both
players reach the middle of the board, you’ll calculate your points. Your points
are however many buttons you have left but you’ll subtract two points for every
open space on your quilt, so you better make your patches work!