Party Leaders – Messages for Patchwork

THERESA MAY: People shouldn’t see Westminster
as remote, irrelevant or off-limits to them. They should know it is something that serves
them. LEANNE WOOD: Now more than ever, the services
of organisations like Patchwork are needed. We have a deeply divided society and we need
the voices of minorities to be heard loud and clear. NICOLA STURGEON: Ensuring everyone can participate
in, contribute to and benefit from society at the heart of everything we do. JEREMY CORBYN: By helping young people from
underrepresented communities to get involved in politics, you bring more voices and more experience
to our democracy. TIM FARRON: Fantastic to see young people getting involved with the political process. CAROLINE LUCAS: and you engage them and demonstrate how they can get involved and how they can make a difference. JEREMY CORBYN: That’s why the education and
experience Patchwork gives to its young people is so important. CAROLINE LUCAS: People don’t need to sit back
and see things happen that they don’t like, they can get involved and you can make a difference.