Pacific Coast Down Comforter Review

Martin: Hey guys! This is Martin here from Mattress Clarity. I’ve got the Pacific Coast Down Comforter
with Pyrenees Down. I’m going to be taking a look at the key features
and if it’s a good value for you. Let’s get started. [music] Martin: Before we get started, if you have
any questions, or comments, or need any recommendations on comforters, just leave them in the comments
below, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Let’s get started here. Let’s look at some key features. The outside is going to be 100 percent Egyptian
Down, a nice smoothness to it. It’s about 420 for the thread count. It’s going to have a nice smooth quality to
the outside, really, really nice. It’s going to have a berry weave technology
for the fabric. It’s going to keep all that down inside and
those feathers in the down from escaping, which is necessary. It works well on this comforter, as well. Inside, you’re going to have a Pyrenees Down. It’s 650 fill power. Fill power is going to be one ounce of down
— if you put it in a graduated cylinder, at maximum loft it fills in cubic inches — 650
is going to be one ounce of down that’s going to reach 650 cubic inches. It’s like a medium number. You can go up as high as 800 or 900, which
is going to be a lot higher fill power. You can go lower, down to the 450s. It’s not going to have the quite the insulating
quality. The 650 is going to be in the medium. It’s going to be pretty nice for this, as
well. It’s hypercleaned. A big problem you have with down is going
to be for you allergy sufferers out there. The hyperclean technology they use is going
to clean the down up to eight times. It’s going to fight dust mites and allergens
that would cause problems for you as well. In terms of dimensions, it’s going to be an
oversize. This is 108 by 96 inches. It’s a king size, it’s a queen bed, it’s even
bigger. It’s designed to have that nice overhang as
well. For me, I had a nice experience with this. I am a warmer sleeper so there was a little
bit of extra warmth there. It had nice breathability. When I was sleeping, I never felt that clammy,
sweaty experience. Also, this outer shell is smooth and nice
on the skin when you’re sleeping. All this adds up to a nice experience for
you sleepers out there. Let’s talk about the pros and cons here for
the Pacific Coast. First, this is a luxury comforter for a value
price. It’s $130. You’re getting Pyrenees Down in there, which
is going to be a rare goose down with nice insulation. It’s also got the baffle box design which
can allow for more loft, It’s usually found on more of a luxury comforter. It’s a lot of nice qualities here for a good
price. In addition to that, if you suffer from allergies,
this is going to be hyperclean. They have the hyperclean technology. It’s going to wash the down inside up to eight
times. It’s going to fight dust and allergens. If you do have a problem with this comforter,
30-day allergy-free guarantee. If you have a problem the first 30-days, return
for a full refund. Finally, this overhang. This is a king size on a queen mattress. It’s going to be even more overhang. It is designed to have that nice drape. I like the drape on this. It’s nice if you like that kind of full draping
experience. Potential cons. It is going to be a warmer comforter. If you are a super-hot sleeper, it might be
a little bit too hot for you. I’m a warm sleeper, but it had nice breathability,
so I had a nice experience with that. It is going to be on the thinner side, even
with that baffle box technology. It’s only 40.5 ounces of filling, which is
a good fill. Also, it’s not going to have quite the fluff
you might get with certain comforters. You might want to look for even a higher fill
power if that’s what you’re looking for. This is 650. You might want to look for something in the
high 700s to 800s as well. Finally, for ease of cleaning, it’s not going
to be quite as easy as a down alternative which you can do commercially — a big commercial
dryer and washer. You’ll actually going to have to go to a dry
cleaner to have this professionally cleaned. Just to wrap up on the Pacific Coast Down
Comforter, I had a nice experience with this, nice warmth and breathability. I felt warm without feeling too stuffy. A great price as well, at $130 for a down
comforter, though I would consider your preferences when looking at this. It’s going to be right down the middle as
a down comforter. If you are a hotter or a cooler sleeper just
consider that when shopping. That does it for the Pacific Coast Down Comforter. If you’d like more information, please click
on the link in the description below.